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Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Greedy Gamer is now live

Hi, my name's Klopzi and I'll be running things here at The Greedy Gamer. Before getting things started, let me divulge my plans for this site.

Having just come off a stint as a poker player and poker blogger, it's nice to throw myself whole-heartedly back into my favourite hobby: video games. There's very few things in life more relaxing than kicking back with a controller in one hand, a drink in the other, and a bag of Doritos at-the-ready. With my rediscovered passion for of video games, I wanted to create a site that I could visit and get all the information I needed regarding news, reviews, strategy, and anything else I could think of that would help me get the most out of the time not spent with my Xbox 360.

On The Greedy Gamer homepage, you'll notice a few things that will keep you up-to-date on all the happenings in the gaming world:

  • RSS Feeds at the bottom of the page will give you up to the minute news from many of the Internet's top gaming sites.
  • Links to the best gaming sites on the Web, such as GameSpot and IGN.com, can be found in the sidebar (to the right of the screen).
  • A growing list of sites dealing with Xbox 360 achievement points, Gamerscore tracking, Xbox Live Gamer Cards, and more can also be found in the sidebar.
  • Being an avid gamer myself (albeit a rather busy gamer having a wife, a son, and a baby on the way), you'll see my Xbox Live Gamercard posted in the sidebar - feel free to stare in awe or point and ridicule.
  • Finally, you'll find a number of links to other gaming blogs, cool sites, and much more in the sidebar. I highly recommend visiting each and every site listed in my sidebar - they are all worth your time and make great additions to your daily reading schedule.
  • Over time, look for new sections being added to the sidebar, including PS3- and/or Wii-related content, lists of my current favourite games, and wishlists for upcoming titles.
As for The Greedy Gamer's content, I'll focus on providing:
  • Game Reviews & Previews
  • My thoughts on gaming-related news
  • Comments or discussions about the games I'm currently playing, achievement points earned, the stuff that I want to buy, and the stuff that I already own.
  • Links or videos to funny and/or interesting Internet content
  • Occasional rants about this, that or the other thing
For your convenience, you'll be able to browse current and past entries by category (in the Posts (Category) section in the sidebar) or by date (in the Posts (Archive) section in the sidebar).

Well, that's a pretty dry first post to this site: still, I guess it had to be done. I'll do my best to keep things interesting around here. If anything, the Site Feeds at the bottom of the homepage should make up for my lack wit and content.