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Monday, May 7, 2007

And we're back!

Well, we're back up and running again. Although I could tell you all about the problems I've had with the site, it'd just be boring and probably a little embarrassing.


In other news, I wanted mention that I've added four new daily video podcasts (X-Play, Attack of the Show, The Feed, and Cheat!), all from G4TV, to The Greedy Gamer's Podcasts section.

I've also added a couple RSS feeds to The Greedy Gamer's Gaming News section: G4TV's and The Feed and GameDaily's Xbox 360 News Headline.

These are all great shows (well, The Feed is a part of Attack of the Show...but I was trying to keep things simple and it looks like I've really blown that idea out of the water...) and great sources of gaming goodness!

So, enjoy!