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Friday, May 25, 2007

Gaming News (May 25, 2007)

There's a whole lot going on in the gaming world right now. We've got three consoles battling for top spot, new screenshots, new videos, and a number of great games on the horizon. So let's get to it!

I've updated my GTA IV preview post to include some new articles and screenshots recently released by Gamespot and 1UP.com. I can't bring you the news first, but I can make sure that it eventually finds its way to you.


On a personal note, I managed to finish off NHL 07. Not a hard game (at least, not on the easiest difficulty setting), but lots of fun! It's nice being able to earn all 1000 achievement points in one run-through of the game. Throw in the fact that the real life Ottawa Senators are playing for the Cup and I can't think of the last time I had more fun playing a console/computer hockey game.


I've finally managed to finish off Dead Rising and pick up the Ture True Ending. Although I was originally fearful of making my way through Overtime Mode, I found out that it wasn't all that bad. My advice: make sure you have the Mega-Buster with you at all times. Trust me, it's all gravy after that!

As an added bonus, I managed to clear the Hella Copter, Stunt Rider, Perfect Gunner, and Unbreakable achievements while finishing off the game.

I'm now working towards clearing all other achievements, save for the 5 Day Survivor and 7 Day Survivor achievements. Although I'd like to finish those off, I just don't have the time required to get these done. I may also bail on the Saint achievement if I get too frustrated...


I've also started playing Tomb Raider Legend. Lara Croft, one of the most prominent gaming figures to come out of the 90s, is back in her first next-gen adventure.

Although I've just started playing, I can say that I'm liking it. I was worried that I'd be stuck playing another Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. Luckily, my fears have been put to rest as this game plays quite well, with good graphics and sound to boot.

I'll have more to say about Tomb Raider Legend at a later date, once I've had the chance to really put some time into the game.


Is the best yet to come for the Sony Playstation 3? In Adam Sessler's latest podcast, he points to a few big games coming out for the PS3. Not only do these games look great, but Adam suggests that what was shown by Sony may not be possible to accomplish on the Xbox 360's hardware.

Hmm, so has Sony been telling us the truth all along? Is the PS3 really as good as they say? Who knows? But these upcoming games will definitely sway more-than-a-few non-believers:

Click any of the links above to see what Gamespot has to say about these games.

The only question left to ask: is this all happening a little too late? Word on the street is that Sony desperately needs PS3 sales before third-party publishers turn their backs on Sony's and its slow console sales.

Personally, I feel bad for Sony right now. the PS2 was the first console I bought, around the time that Final Fantasy X came out. I must have logged well over 400 hours playing all the best that the PS2 could deliver. In addition to more great games in the PS3 line-up, I'd need a couple more conditions met before I'd pull out my wallet and pick up a PS3:
  1. Give us a price drop! Knock the price down to $499.99 and compete with the Xbox 360.

  2. Get the PS3 Home service up and running. Sony will have to compete with the Xbox 360's achievement point system if they want to draw in more users besides the typical Sony fan-boys!
If you don't know what I mean by the PS3's Home network, check out the IGN's article and videos for more information.


A couple years ago, I bought Fable for my Xbox and played it for a couple hours before returning it. Why? Simply put: I heard it was a short game and I was looking for something meatier. To this day, I alway wonder what could have been.

However, I will not be making the same mistake with Fable 2, which looks extremely promising. While we all wait for the new game to come out, Lionhead Studios has released Episode 1 of its video diary. The video diary is available for download at Lionhead Studio's web site, or via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

I'll be keeping an eye on this game and will keep you posted of any new developments.


Starcraft fanatics: your day is soon approaching. With Blizzard's recent announcement of Starcraft II being released for PC (no plans exist for a console port at this time), Game Diggity has posted a cinematic trailer and 22 minute developer walkthrough for the new game.

I wish I was excited about this game, but I hate RTS games. I played Command & Conquer: Red Alert a lot while when it came out in the 90s, but I sucked at it. As such, I've never gone back to micro-management hell of the RTS genre. My loss, I guess...?


Ubisoft has revamped the original Broderbund classic, Prince of Persia, for an upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release. For the full story, check out 1UP.com's story and videos!

I don't know about you, but it looks like I'll be buying this one when it comes out. I still remember playing the original on my 286 desktop computer, marveling at the Prince's life-like movements.

The updated version of the game looks great with some enhanced graphics, while still maintaining the addictive, difficult game-play of the original. I haven't seen any XBLA pricing details yet, but I'd say we're looking at an 800 point release here - I don't think the game could command much higher than that since since nostalgia can only carry a game so far.


When I was deciding whether to jump into next-gen console gaming, one game made me pull out my wallet and get started: Assassin's Creed. Ubisoft has released a second trailer for the game, due for release later this year, and all I can say is "Wow!".

Go check out Gamespot's coverage of Assassin's Creed, watch the new trailer, then pre-order your Xbox 360 or PS3 copy today.

And if you're one of those special-edition-types, Ubisoft has announced that a Limited Edition copy of the game will be made available for purchase. IGN.com has all the details!


That's it for today - have a great weekend!