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Monday, May 14, 2007

Now Playing: Dead Rising's Overtime Mode

Warning: this post may contain some minor spoilers.

I managed to finish off Dead Rising's 72-hour mode and pick up the somewhat-elusive Ending A, required if you want play the game's Overtime Mode. Having previously gone through the game and acquired the Real Megabuster, I was able to get through the last of the cases (including Case 7-2 which had given me a few problems) with very few difficulties. I have to say that the game delivers it's fair share of "Oh no..." moments as the end game approaches.

For those who have played Dead Rising and never managed to see the different endings to the 72-hour mode, I've collected Endings A - F for your viewing pleasure below. I don't know if I'd say any of these endings can be considered "happy", so I'm hoping Overtime mode ends on a high note. Please let it end nicely...otherwise I'd rate this game as one of the more depressing games ever made. I don't need bunnies and rainbows, but give me something!

Okay - here are the 6 possible endings to Dead Rising's 72-hour mode, courtesy of NextGenWalkthroughs.com. This next bit is pretty spoiler heavy, so click here to skip past it.

  • Ending A: Solve all cases, talk to Isabella at 10 AM, and return to the heliport by 12 PM on the last day.

  • Ending B: Don't solve all cases and be at the heliport on time.

  • Ending C: Solve all cases and be at the heliport on time, without speaking to Isabella at 10 AM on the last day.

  • Ending D: Be a prisoner of the special forces at 12 PM on the last day.

  • Ending E: Don't solve all cases and fail to be at the heliport by 12 PM on the last day.

  • Ending F: Fail to collect all of Carlito'ss bombs for case 7-2.

I'm not sure how long Overtime mode will take me. If I don't run into too many problems, I should be able to finish it off in one or two short gaming sessions. So far, OT mode isn't too bad - though I find it more tense than the 72-hour mode, probably due to lack of familiarity with the missions and opposition.

I'm really looking forward to restarting 72-hour mode soon and focusing on some of the easier achievements, namely Clothes Horse and Gourmet (see achievement list here), rather than concentrating exclusively on finishing up the main story line. After that, I'll focus on taking care of Dead Rising's more psychopathic characters before attempting to clear some of the survivor-related achievements.

I'm almost positive that my attempts to clear the survivor-related achievements will be diffucult and frustrating. For anyone who's been gaming for a while, we all know that the worst possible missions around are "escort missions". Why? It doesn't matter how tough you are, how good you are, or how you've come to master a game: escort missions come down to hoping that the game's A.I. doesn't screw you over and to avoid getting some bad luck. I remember my days playing Wing Commander and the gloom that came over me when the Colonel announced that the next mission involved escorting a damaged freighter to the Tiger's Claw...

Anyway, I figure I'll be seeing a lot of my survivors get surrounded by zombies, get knocked down by said zombies, followed by getting eaten by those damned, dirty zombies as I desperately try to pick up the Lifesaver achievment (I'm not even trying for the Saint achievement).

The first my escorted "survivors" get beaten and eaten, I'll laugh it off and give it another go.

The second time, I might drop an f-bomb or two but keep trying.

Third time - a little more swearing, a lot more sweating.

Tenth time - throw in a little crying.

Fiftieth time - bladder control is lost, crying replaced by glazed look and dulled reflexes.

Hundredth time - controller thrown across room, trip made to EB Games wearing only boxer shorts and running shoes, Dead Rising traded in for $3 (and sold for $50 by EB), return home to Viva Piñata and try to forget about zombies and those who lost their lives trying to escape their greasy, rancid-luncheon-meat-smelling clutches...


If you don't feel like playing Dead Rising but feel like watching a shopping mall overrun by zombies, why not pick yourself up a copy of George Romero's Dawn of the Dead (original) or the 2004 re-make (Widescreen Unrated Director's Cut). Although Dead Rising isn't really based on this movie, it's impossible to avoid drawing comparisons between the two (ie. shopping malls and zombies). I will say that I preferred playing Dead Rising to watching Dawn of the Dead, but I guarantee that watching a movie won't see you trying to luck your way through a bunch of escort missions either.