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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Now Playing: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Well, I finally finished off Marvel Ultimate Alliance last night. At least, I finished off as much as I'm going to with the game. Don't get me wrong: it's a great game! But after finishing the game a few times and unlocking 48/58 achievements, I'm done.

I actually took my time enjoying some of the new characters on my second complete run-through of the game. Although both Cyclops and Magneto served me well, I found the Hulk to be a pretty solid character throughout the game's five acts. It didn't matter how tough the enemies: a few Cyclone Punches from the good, mutated doctor put each and every one of 'em in his place.

With just about 50 hours of super-hero gaming behind me, I'm looking to focus on finishing up a few things in Dead Rising. Namely, I'm very close to finishing the game and obtaining the "true ending" (or "ture ending" for those in the know).

Once I've finished saving the day from the zombie infestation, I'd like to take a stab at the Dead Rising's Overtime Mode. From there, I'll do my best to finish a few more achievements, though I doubt I'll be clearing the Saint, 5-Day Survivor, or 7-Day Survivor achievements. I just don't have the time or patience to tackle any of those challenges.

As I pound my way through thousands upon thousands of zombies, I'll be looking to get in a bit of time with Gears of War, NHL 07, and Viva Pinata - more on those games at a later date, time permitting.

With so many great titles coming out this year, I'm actually feeling a little pressured to spend lots of time with my Xbox 360. I'm sure that I'll find myself with an ever growing library of unplayed games; however, there are worse things than having a number of great games left to play.

Well, I've got a hockey game to watch and some zombies to kill, so I'll see you later...