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Friday, May 25, 2007

Preview: Grand Theft Auto IV

Life is complicated. I killed people, smuggled people, sold people. Perhaps here, things will be different.

-Niko Bellic, Grand Theft Auto IV

With GTA IV'srelease just around the corner, I thought I'd take the opportunity to gather together as much information as I could find regarding Rockstar Games' highly anticipated, multi-platform killer app!

Before continuing on, do yourself a favour and watch GTA IV's trailer below. Sure, you may have seen it before; however, most of the articles linked in this post will refer to this trailer - so you might as well refresh your memory.

Much has already been said about GTA IV's game, trailer, obstacles, and features in recent weeks. I have no insider information, I have no game-developer ties, nor any gaming-community links to get the latest and greatest news about the biggest game hitting next-gen consoles in October 2007.

What I do have is a bit of time to some information about a game that I know I'm going to love. If you happen to know of any other sites or articles that I've missed and that you feel are a necessary addition to the information gathered below, drop me a line and I'll get that information up as soon as possible.
  • Let's start with a frame by frame deconstruction of the GTA IV trailer, courtesy of GameVideos.com.

  • Do you like speculation and unverified sources? Check out the Wikipedia entry for GTA IV!

  • GTA4.net has gathered a number of interesting topics from the GTA IV Forum, such as:

    • The Meaning Behind The Words: An ongoing discussion looking to determine the origins and meanings behind the people, places and things to be found in GTA IV.

    • A list of unwanted features in the upcoming game. For me, I could do without the girlfriend mini-game and I've grown sick of completing the paramedic and firefighter missions...though I might change my song when I'm racing down crowded, HD-rendered city streets.

    Check out GTA4.net for a more information.

  • CVG has an article, "GTA IV Trailer - Ten things you didn't see", that's easy to read and does a great job of pointing out many of the things that will make this next-gen title the next big thing.

  • Read as IGN's editors throw in their two-cents regarding GTA IV.

  • GameSpy.com has gathered an impressive amount of data, including screenshots, interviews, and videos, all dealing with GTA IV.

  • GamerZines Issue 5 has a three-page article discussing the upcoming release of GTA IV - the issue is 100% free and can be downloaded by clicking here.

  • Finally, even though I'm a big Xbox 360fan (at least until Sony's PlayStation 3 (60GB) decides to start fighting back), there are a couple issues regarding GTA IV and the Xbox 360. I'll let 1UP give you the details. In my opinion, Rockstar will figure everything out and put out a spectacular game come October 2007.

Well, I'll leave it at that for now. I think I managed to pull together enough information to keep you busy for a while.

And when you're done reading everything above, don't forget to pre-order your own copy of GTA IV. When this game hits this fall, wouldn't it be nice to have your very own copy all locked up?


GTA IV Special Edition Announced!

It seems that special edition releases of today's biggest games are becoming all the rage.

2K Games announced a special edition release of the highly-anticipated BioShock.

Bungie also confirmed that Halo 3 will be released in three flavours: standard edition, collectors edition, and legendary edition.

And now, Rockstar Games has announced a $90 (USD) Special Edition release containing:
  • A limited edition duffel bag: Sure, why not? The GTA IV logo is nice and neat and I could always use another means of lugging crap to and from various places.
  • Production artwork book: I'm a big fan of comic and video game art. It's hard to say right now whether or not the art will be any good, considering that we've only seen brief pieces of the GTA IV world. However, for a GTA fanatic such as myself, I'd really like to get my hands on this book.
  • Soundtrack CD: This is the one piece of the package that will, in my opinion, justify the special edition pricing. If the soundtrack for game is as great as Dan Houser believes it to be (read the May issue of Game Informer for the full interview), then spending an extra $30 on the special edition will be well worth it. I love driving in my car with the GTA: Vice City soundtrack playing and I can't wait to do the same with the GTA IV soundtrack.
  • Metal lockbox: Hmmm, weird. I don't have any need for a lockbox. Maybe I'll save it and give it to my son at some point so that he can store his candy and his baseball cards away from the prying hands of his brother (or sister...don't know yet).
  • Keychain: Guess you need to keep the lockbox's keys somewhere, right? If the keychain looks cool, then I'll keep it. Otherwise, my son will be the recipient of yet another gift, courtesy of me and Rockstar Games.

So, I'll be getting the GTA IV Special Edition myself. Rockstar Games seems to be incapable of making bad choices when it comes to promoting their games and delivering a high-quality product - this special edition package will be no different.


Gamespot's First Look at GTA IV!

Gamespot got a sneak peek at Grand Theft Auto IV. Check out their site for all the details.


1UP's GTA IV First Impressions with new screenshots!

1UP.com have a new article detailing their first impressions with GTA IV. In addition, they've also posted some new screenshots from the game, such as the one appearing to the left!

Read the entire story here.


GTA IV Delay Expected?

Master Chief, you son of a bitch! It seems that certain analysts are predicting that the Fall 2007 release of Halo 3 may force Take-Two to delay the release of GTA IV. Read the full details here and here.

I'm hoping that Rockstar Games has GTA IV ready to go for their original ship date and ships if Halo 3 fails to go gold. in time I'd much rather shoot low-level thugs than aliens, I guess.

And for those of you who care about such things, please note that I did not mention shooting cops or prostitutes at any time in that last paragraph. Why? The only people who take pleasure doing these things in the Grand Theft Auto games are:
  • Young adults who abused animals as children and are mentally disturbed.
  • Thirteen year olds whose irresponsible and dim-witted parents have purchased an M-rated game for them.
  • Florida-based lawyers who've always fantasized about visiting the local brothel but are forced, instead, to take out their frustrations on pixalized prostitutes and the digital cops who get in their way.


Take-Two Interactive's executives confirm October 16th release of GTA IV

Take-Two Interactive's executives have confirmed that both the standard and limited edition versions of Grand Theft Auto IV will be released on October 16th, 2007. It seems that the expected delay was only speculation on the part of an industry analyst.

Given the fact that each of the previous GTA releases have all been released without any delays, it seems silly to have even considered a postponed release in the first place.

GameSpot has the full story here.


Rockstar Games Announces Trailer 2!

Oh baby! Rockstar Games has given notice on their web site that a new GTA IV trailer will soon be available to the public.

This new trailer, entitled "Looking For That Special Someone", will be released on June 28, 2007.

16 days and counting...