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Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Big Day for GTA IV and Xbox 360

Well, the day has finally come: GTA IV's second trailer hits the Internet today! Given the amount of analysis that resulted from dissecting the first trailer, I'd say there'll be lots to read over the weekend.

Though the new trailer is not up right now, I do have news concerning some new releases to the Xbox 360 Live Marketplace (thanks to the guys over at Gamerscore Blog).

First and foremost, the HD version of the second GTA IV trailer, "Looking for that Special Someone", will be available for free download on the Xbox Live Marketplace at 10 AM PST; the trailer will also be available for download from Xbox.com and the Rockstar Games GTA IV site.

To celebrate the release of the trailer, an exclusive GTA IV theme (free!) and gamer pics will be available from the Xbox Live Marketplace! I've been waiting for a theme and gamer pic release for GTA IV since last October, so it looks like I'll be doing a little "shopping" later today.

I really hope this new trailer looks good, tells us a lot, and continues to build the hype for GTA IV. BioShock has set the bar pretty high, in my mind, so here's hoping Rockstar Games blow our minds and show us why they lead the way in game innovation!