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Friday, June 8, 2007

A Look at BioShock's Plasmids

Rather than try to add even more video clips to my BioShock game preview, I thought I'd create a separate little post to introduce some of BioShock's plasmids.

First off: what's a plasmid? According to BioShock Online:

Plasmids are mutable DNA created from a source called Adam, that allow the inhabitants of Rapture to boost their natural attributes and do incredible things to their bodies. Some plasmids can gain you strength and speed, while others can add exceptional abilities in the form of weapons and affect the environment around you. Plasmids can be found in 3 different categories: Physical, Engineering and Weapons.

Each of the following videos outlines some of the plasmids and other tricks available for use in BioShock . The videos are presented in a the '50s instructional film style, coupled with some great in-game footage. I'll be really interested in hearing how some of the more imaginative players out there will make use of the various plasmids and environmental exploits available in BioShock . Judging by the footage, I'd say there will be many different ways to make your way through Rapture, be it freezing enemies, electrocuting enemies, or attaching bombs to your enemies and flinging them about telekinetically. Awesome...

Anyay, here's some video outlining some of the plasmids found in BioShock.

Security Hack: Looking for a little more firepower to help you get past that Big Daddy? Put Rapture's security systems on your side and let things sort themselves out.

Insect Swarm: What better way to distract and irritate your enemies than to send a swarm of insects at them? Mind you, I'd be hesitant to inject myself with anything that would cause live insects to burst out of my flesh. Then again, I'd probably not like a Big Daddy ripping me limb from limb either...

Telekinesis: A single plasmid power with so many uses. Enemy lobbing grenades at you? Send them right back!

Cyclone Trap: Now this is my type of plasmid! Avoid direct confrontation and let traps do the work for you. Reminds of my time playing as an assassin in Diablo 2!

Winter Blast: Finally, a game that does the whole "freezing" thing properly! Inject yourself, freeze your enemies in their tracks, then shatter them with a single shot from your trusty shotgun! Now if Irrational Games could just stick in the ability to pull off Sub-Zero's finishing move from Mortal Kombat, I'd be a happy camper!

So, who wants to play BioShock now? I hear ya...