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Monday, June 4, 2007

More Links Means More Information

No time to waste, with the Sens game starting shortly. I did want to let everyone know that the number of sites and blogs to which The Greedy Gamer links is growing rather quickly. If information is power, this site should now be able to light a 60W bulb!

Below is a list of the sites and blogs that are now linked to this site. Each site below contributes to gaming community as a whole and I look forward to reading all they have to say on a daily basis. If these sites are not a part of your regular everyday reading, why not correct that mistake and start clicking?


Electronic Playground is a Canadian-based show that provides solid interviews with the movers and shakers of the gaming world. Victor Lucas, the driving force behind the Electronic Playground and Reviews on the Run television shows, really knows his stuff when it comes to video games.

The Electronic Playground site contains a great overview of current happenings in the video game world.


Kotaku is one of those legendary video game sites, decicated to bringing its readers the latest and greatest news from the video game industry. They claim to appeal to obsessive gamers and I couldn't agree more.

With hourly links and commentary, Kotaku is a must-visit site if you're into video games!


Joystiq is another big player in the gaming world. Covering product reviews, previews, interviews, and every other conceivable view you can think of, Joystiq has got the goods.

I'd say more nice things about the site, but they seriously don't need my help in regards to generating further traffic.

Stop by Joystiq and see why they're so big!


Reviews, previews, video, forums, trainers and much more, all at Maxconsole!

I'm a sucker when it comes to good-looking web sites with good, fresh content and slick interfaces.

Are you missing out? Go check out Maxconsole and go without no longer...


game·blogs is a collection of video game industry blog content. In their own words,

Game·Blogs is a 'blog community' - an aggregation site for blogs which regularly discuss Games, Game Industry Issues and Games Research and Theory.
Serious articles, serious information: need I say more?


Ever wanted to know what an Xbox 360 dashboard theme looks like before being forced to spend your hard-earned MS Points? Enter Matt Brett and Andrew McTeer, the creative minds behind Dashboard Themes - the site that lets you see exactly what you're spending your money on.

I browse their site from time to time, more so when I'm looking for a new dashboard theme for my Xbox 360. The site layout is excellent and the information you need to make a "theme-based" decision is plainly laid out for you.

Dashboard Themes is a well-conceived and well-thought out site - and well deserving of your business! Go check them out and you won't be disappointed.


That's it for today's new links.

As I've mentioned before, I'm always on the lookout for great game-related sites. If you have a site or know of some good ones that I've missed, please let me know via comments or e-mail. I'll do my best to visit as many sites as possible and link to those sites that I feel are worth my readers' time.

The only thing left to say is: Go Sens Go!