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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New sites, New Feeds...

Just a quick announcement for my two or three readers out there...

I'm adding a couple site links to the Gaming Blogs section on my site.

First, say hello to the GamerDad! GamerDad is a proud father and gamer, believing that these two entities can happily co-exist to the benefit of both parents and children. GamerDad's site is chock-full of great content making it an easy favourite for parents looking to play games with their kids. Don't play games? GamerDad is a great reference tool that you can use to make sure you know what games your kids should or shouldn't be playing.

As a father myself, I can see a tremendous amount of value in GamerDad's site and I hope you will too. Why not give him a visit?


A second site being added to the fray is 2Old2Play, a site which advertises itself as A Website for the Older Gamer and The Older Gamers Paradise. Although I'm not too old myself (thirty-two if you must know), it seems that I'm now considered an older gamer. In fact, 2Old2Play places anyone twenty-five years and older firmly in the category of "older gamer".

Regardless, given the way the younger generation has taken to playing games, I don't mind having a community around that understands the unique needs and challenges associated with a crippling addiction to video games while being a grown-up.

With lots of news and a whole community of older gamers in tow, 2Old2Play is a great site for those of you out there who enjoy gaming in your "twilight" years.


In other news, I'm dropping the GameDiggity blog feed from The Greedy Gamer and will replace it with a few great RSS Feeds. Starting today, Kotaku, Joystiq, and MaxConsole.net will all have their feeds featured on The Greedy Gamer's homepage. These sites provide almost more information than one person can digest in a single day, making them all great additions to your daily blog-reading ritual!

More posts coming later this week once I've found time, including a new bit of GTA IV news...