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Friday, June 29, 2007

Weekend Gaming: Canada Day Edition

It's good to be Canadian, especially when that means a long weekend! As you know, Canada celebrates its 140th birthday this Sunday, July 1st. In honour of Canada Day, I'll be sure to log a few hours on the Xbox 360 this weekend. The question is: what games do I want to play?

After finishing up Tomb Raider: Legend a couple nights ago, I've been examining my bloated game collection and trying to figure out what it is I want to play this weekend.

Crackdown will most definitely find its way into my gaming rotation. I've finished killing off all the bosses and have been focusing on completing the Rooftop Races and Road Races, finding all the Hidden Orbs and Agility Markers, and impounding a number of gang vehicles for the Confiscator achievement.

I'm hoping that a friend will be available for some co-op gaming this weekend. I think with some help from a partner, I might be able to pick up some of the trickier achievements and finish the Time Trial missions.

Besides Crackdown, I'm at a loss in deciding which other games to play. I'm a little hesitant to start playing a long or engaging game since I'm anticipating playing Condemned: Criminal Origins as soon as I receive it in the mail (eBay sellers, with few exceptions, appear to be quite slow when it comes to shipping).

Contrary to my previous statement, I started to tackle Enchanted Arms last night which is a long, engaging game. I'll no doubt put this game aside when Condemned arrives, though Crackdown may also get the heave-ho if I find Enchanted Arms too hard to put down. As I was playing Enchanted Arms last night, I couldn't help but smile at all the cheesy dialogue, especially that of Makoto - the over-the-top, homosexual character who loves feeding scallops in a creamy mushroom sauce and the "pinkest of pickles" to his love interest Toya. Now I know why the game's rated T for Teen: creamy mushrooms and pink pickles...how's that for subtlety? Still, I like the Final Fantasy games quite a bit and Enchanted Arms is the next best thing on the Xbox until Blue Dragon is released in August.

I've also considered hitting the gardens in Viva Pinata: my Flutterscotches won't breed themselves! And Kameo is still crying herself to sleep every night as I continue my campaign of neglect towards her and her plight against the trolls. Still, both these games may see the light of day quite soon if Condemned ends up being as dark and scary I imagine. After working my way through decrepit buildings and beating down various crazed hobos, nothing soothes the nerves like flutterscotches and fairies...

Of course, Gears of War's Hardcore difficulty setting is still waiting for my return. I got punked when I last gave it a shot but I'd like to think that I've still got some fight left in me. If all else fails, I can spend some time scouring the various Acts on Casual difficulty hunting for COG tags.

And if Spider-Man 3 is sitting in my mailbox when I go to pick up the mail, then Spidey may end up feeling the love this weekend....

For those of you with huge game libraries out there - how do you decide which games to play?

In any case, I've got four days to figure it out as I'll be taking an extra day off this weekend. With lots of games and lots of time off, I guess I have no right to complain, right?

Happy Canada Day! Have a great weekend everyone!