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Thursday, July 5, 2007

BioShock's Achievements Revealed

For those of you planning on picking up BioShock for your Xbox 360, today is a good day! Xbox360Achievements.org has released the list of achievements available for the unlocking in BioShock.

First off, follow this link to read up on all of BioShock's achievements.

Unfortunately, there are a number of secret achievements for the game and it'll be a while before anyone figures those out. Looking at the rest of the achievements, it looks like there is a good mix of easy and hard challenges available.

I'll go out on a limb and say that the "Little Sister Savior" achievement (complete the game without harvesting any Little Sisters) will be one of the most difficult achievements to clear. This would be like going through the entire game without really leveling up, if I'm correctly interpreting what I've read about BioShock and the harvesting process.

I'd also guess that completing the game on the hardest difficulty setting (the "Seriously Good At This" achievement) will also be reasonably tricky. If BioShock's A.I. is as good as advertised, I'd say that this achievement may be quite impossible for me to get unless I manage to become a great FPS gamer in the next couple months!

The achievements that I'm most looking forward to are the nice easy ones:

  • Toaster in the Tub: Shock an enemy in the water.
    Rapture is under water and you have the ability to shoot lightning out of your fingers like the Emperor from Star Wars. Say hello to an easy 10 gamer points!

  • Lucky Winner: Hit the jackpot on a slot machine.
    Time consuming but fairly simple, assuming there's an easy way to get money...and an even easier way to keep Splicers of your back long enough for you to gamble it up in the underwater city.

  • Hacked a Vending Machine: Successfully hack a vending machine.
    I'd say this is an easy 10 gamer points, considering the fact that vending machines don't defend themselves all that well. As an aside, I wouldn't mind the ability to hack vending machines in real-life: afternoons at work are long and dinner is still hours away.

  • Completed Welcome: Successfully complete the Welcome To Rapture Level.
    It's nice getting rewarded with gamer points by simply completing a tutorial level. I also think that this achievement gives us some insight into the secret achievements: I would expect a number of the secret achievements to be awards for completing later levels.

On a final note, I would also expect two of BioShock's secret achievements to deal with Big Daddies. For example, take out one Big Daddy for 10 points and take out all Big Daddies for 30 points.

I would also expect to see an achievement along the lines of "Kill X Splicers using a single plasmid attack", much like the Clusterluck achievement in Gears of War or the Airtime Assassin achievement in Crackdown.


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