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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Game Review: Enchanted Arms

Sorry for the lack of updates around here. Life, work, and some other hobbies have done a good job of keeping me away from the gaming world. That being said, I finally managed to finish of Enchanted Arms for the Xbox 360. Was it worth it?

Enchanted Arms comes across much like any Japanese-inspired role playing game. The story and characters are pretty typical of the genre. Enchanted Arms' story is not quite as long or convoluted as games in the Final Fantasy series; as such, the story comes across as a little formulaic, though still interesting in its own right.

The characters in the game, from Atsuma to Yuki, are all pretty standard for the RPG scene. The main character is a little slow and wants to solve every problem with brawn. You've also got the smart guy, the strong-silent warrior, the annoying love-interest, the feisty little girl, a mysterious stranger, and a cross-dressing student (ok, that last one is unique to Enchanted Arms).

All stereotypes and unoriginal content aside, Enchanted Arms is pretty fun if you're a fan of the RPG. And since the game only takes about 40 hours to complete, it's ideal for gamers out there with a love of RPGs yet limited time to play them.

Graphically, Enchanted Arms stands well above many last-gen RPGs except, of course, games like Final Fantasy X, F
inal Fantasy X-2, and Final Fantasy XII. If graphics are your thing though, you may be best served by waiting for the release of Blue Dragon or Eternal Sonata - both of which are graphical beautiful.

The sound in Enchanted Arms is, again, pretty standard. Mind you, the background music played throughout the game is quite varied and well composed. You'll very rarely find yourself hearing the same eight verse song over and over again.

As for my recommendation to rent or buy this game, I encourage all Xbox 360 RPG fans to pick up this game.
Enchanted Arms is quick to finish (in RPG terms) and is value priced for anywhere from $19.99 to $29.99. You should be able to finish off Enchanted Arms before getting your hands on Blue Dragon and Eternal Sonata this fall.

Now that I've finished Enchanted Arms, I'll be moving on to other games. I think Condemned and Kameo may be next on the to-do list...maybe Spider-Man 3 too.

Have a good one!


Mike said...

Enchanted Arms is what the 360 needs if it wants to do better in the Japanese market. The other games you mentioned should be something to look forward to for console RPG enthusiasts.

I'm currently playing KOTOR II on the PC, and I've been loving it (except for its annoying bugs). I find it a shame that Western-developed RPGs don't flourish in Japan. I guess it's a quirk of their market.

Congratulations for finishing Enchanted Arms. :) If it needed 40 hours to finish, then I'd say you have great focus. My attention span for Eastern-developed RPGs is pretty short because of the grind it requires.

Their stories rock more, however. ;)

Klopzi said...

Hey Mike -

I've never really figured out why our RPGs tend to bomb in Japan. It could be that Western RPGs seem more geared towards adults rather than young teens. In KOTOR, you don't see a giggling young girl in a cowboy hat. You also don't see that androgynous quality that many Eastern RPG characters possess.

For the most part, I don't think there's a single RPG that I haven't liked (well, maybe one or two?).

Good luck finishing KOTOR II. Not quite as good as the original, but still pretty darn good when it's all said and done.