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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

GameSpot Spends a Day with Niko

The guys over at GameSpot were recently treated to a 45 minute demo of GTA IV. Check out the full details here.

More and more, GTA IV looks like it will be the game of the year. All Xbox 360 hard drive issues aside, I predict that GTA IV will be released to great reviews and will quickly outsell every other video game released this year.

Video games are about to change forever.

83 days and counting...


Mike said...

Shucks. All GameSpot did was put in an article. I was hoping they would make it one huge video that we can stream somehow.

And they made Ricardo Torres one of the preview's authors. He's quite a spin guy when it comes to writing style.

Klopzi said...

Mike -

Yea, video would've been nice. But Rockstar's really clamped down on how much information gets released about GTA IV.

As for the article, spin or not, it's made me want the game even more. I really hope that GTA IV sells like hotcakes. I'd hate to see Halo 3 be the best-selling game of the year when Rockstar looks to be pushing the game industry ahead with GTA IV.

Mike said...

Amen, Klopzi. I've always had a soft spot for GTA, and have always hated Halo because I don't see anything special about it.

I still think Halo's an ok game, but I don't think it deserves this much recognition because when you translate any Halo game for the PC, it's nothing special compared to the spectacular shooters in my favored platform.

Mike said...

As for the bit about being spin, I don't think the article is all spin. After all, Brad Shoemaker is co-writer. It's Torres who I find too PR-ish when it comes to writing style.