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Thursday, July 5, 2007

GTA IV Gets a Voice

In the first of many such announcements, Rockstar Games has found some voice talent for its upcoming title Grand Theft Auto IV.

As reported by esctoday.com, Rockstar has acquired the voice talent of Ruslana (pictured above) for an unnamed character in GTA IV.

According to Wikipedia, Ruslana was born in 1973 and "she is a singer, dancer, producer, composer, conducter, and piano player. She writes, composes and produces her own songs and music videos."

More recently, she won the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with the song Wild Dances.

I guess I missed my chance to supply my voice talent to GTA IV when I failed to break the top 50 in the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. Oh well, maybe I'll make the cut for GTA IV: Canadian Capers?


In another somewhat-related note: be sure to check out GTA IV Source for all the latest and greatest GTA IV news. Those guys have really done a great job in collecting as much information about GTA IV as humanly possible.