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Thursday, July 12, 2007

GTA IV news from across the pond

From games™, courtesy of MaxConsole.net

Look to your left. See that little image there? It's a recent scan from a UK game magazine called games™. Click on the scan (courtesy of MaxConsole.net) and you'll get the chance to read some exclusive news concerning the upcoming blockbuster title - GTA IV.

The information I have comes from a scan of two pages from games™. To get further details, I guess you'll just have to buy a copy of the magazine for yourselves.

After reading the information available to me, here are the points that really stuck out:

  • "Instead of receiving phone calls for missions...you now access your own gameplay by meeting then calling associates"

  • "The phone also acts as a calendar, a vessel for text messages, an alarm, and even a camera"
  • Niko's facial expressions change to reflect the situation at hand.

  • "The violence is colder and more brutal than ever before"

  • Police presence and response is more realistic.

  • "The atmosphere and noise of firefights is scarily reminiscent of Gears of War"

  • "Rockstar is determined to make the next Grand Theft Auto 'the defining next-generation action adventure'"

  • The tangible atmostphere of New York City is captured in GTA IV's Liberty City.

Keeping the points above in mind and having recently seen the second GTA IV trailer yet again during the Microsoft's Live E3 broadcast, I am supremely confident that GTA IV is going to forever change how we view and play video games.

Come October 16th, I think we are all going to be blown away!