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Monday, October 15, 2007

Back from Rapture

Even with a new baby, zero sleep, and very little gaming time available, I managed to finish off BioShock last night! For all the game's detractors and haters out there, I can only say that I thought the game was extremely well-done and tons of fun.

Whether I was simply lucky, I managed to avoid any feelings of nausea that some people experienced, supposedly caused by a slight issue regarding the game's P.O.V. camera. I get car sick but not BioShock sick - go figure.

I was also happy that I finished the game without encountering any issues concerning framerates, crashes, or other bugs. My entire BioShock experience was absolutely terrific from beginning to end!

I won't give any spoilers here but suffice it to say that the ending of the game, and the twists throughout, made my overall BioShock experience one to remember. I should also note that I completed the game without harvesting any Little Sisters. I may try doing so once in my new game; then again, I don't think I could bear the thought of doing so even in the virtual City of Rapture.

I'm looking forward to my next run through the game: this time, I'll try it on the hardest difficulty setting. Since it's impossible to "die" in BioShock, I can't see the hardest difficulty being impossible...though I can imagine a few in-game scenarios that might prove frustrating with an increased difficulty. Then again, I may do better than I anticipated now that I've developed sound methods for dispatching BioShock's splicers and Big Daddies.

Before starting anew with tougher enemies abounding the landscape, I'm going to load up my last saved game and see if I can clear a few outstanding achievements:

  • Weapon Specialist: I'm not sure where I missed one of the weapon upgrade stations, but I'll see if I correct my oversight and pick up a quick 20 gamerpoints.

  • Research PhD: If I can find a few more Security Cameras that will sit still and say "Cheese!", I should be able to pick up another 20 gamerpoints. The biggest obstacle in my way right now is that I foolishly hacked every single Security Camera that I came across while forgetting to take the pictures required for the Research PhD achievement. S-M-R-T...

  • Tonic Collector: You need to collect or invent 53 tonics to pick up this achievement. I believe that I've got about 51 tonics collected so far. Luckily, I've managed to horde an extra 260 Adam in order to pick up the two or three missing tonics. If I'm successful, that's another 50 gamerpoints for me.

  • Historian: BioShock's story is told through your in-game actions and through the various audio diaries hidden throughout Rapture. I've found most of the diary entries but not all. Thanks to the guides posted on Xbox360Achievements.org and GameFAQs.com, I should be able to pick up the remaining audio diaries and the 50 gamerpoints awarded for collecting them all!
Once I've picked up these four achievements, I'll just need to complete the game on the hardest difficulty to pick up the last achievement - "Seriously Good at This".

Once that's done, I'll be able to put BioShock to rest and leave the denizens of Rapture to their watery graves...