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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preview: Saints Row 2

Even though I've just started to dabble in the sandbox world of Saints Row, I thought I'd put together a little Saints Row 2 preview post. From all that I've seen and read, Saints Row 2 looks like it will really improve on the first game. How much an improvement remains to be seen...especially since I've seen so little of Saints Row to begin with.

First off, here's a video featuring screen captures from a recent Electronic Gaming Monthly issue.

Here's a similar slide show that outlines further details of the game as outlined in EGM (I'm assuming...I haven't seen the issue myself...and since I'm not a real reporter and have no journalistic integrity, I'll just go with the flow...):

Some of the challenges, like car surfing, sound pretty cool. I like these sandbox games that offer gamers a whole slew of inventive and neat little achievements. Anything that extends and enhances gameplay is always a plus in my books.

Of course, you can follow any and all details about Saints Row 2 by checking out the following sites:

I'll tell ya: Rockstar better hurry up and get GTA IV out there! I'd hate to see the Saints Row grab the title of best "murder simulator"...