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Friday, October 26, 2007

Saints Row 1, Marc Ecko 0

I had very little quality time to spend with my Xbox 360 this week. However, I still managed to finish off one of the more time-consuming achievements in Saints Row.

There are some Xbox 360 achievements that are funny, some are pretty cool, and others can be downright dull. Saints Row's Getting Up achievement is one of the latter achievements, I'm afraid.

It took me a total of about 4 hours to find and tag all required locations to earn a measly 10 gamerpoints. There are a total of 75 tagging locations spread throughout Stilwater. While none of these tagging locations were hard to find, I may have made things a little more complicated for myself by searching for these locations without a map and without having played enough of Saints Row to be familiar Stilwater's various districts. I'll also admit that the act of spray-painting over a rival gang's tag became a little tricky towards the end.

Tagging a location involves walking up to a rival gang's tag (i.e. spray-painted symbol or gang colours) and pressing a button. Once you've started tagging a location, you're required to input a sequence of button presses and tricky analog stick movements. Mess up too many times or take too long and you're in for a world of hurt as the rival gang members start actively looking for you. When you first start out, the button/analog sequences require only a few inputs. By the time you finish tagging your 75th location, the input sequence is pretty long and usually involves a number of tricky analog stick manoeuvres.

In any case, I'm finally finished tagging all of Stilwater! In addition to the gamer points (which are not yet reflected in my gamerscore since I did not have the chance to connect to Xbox Live last night), I have now unlocked "infinite run" in the game which should come in handy when I've got cops or gang members close on my tail. And as an extra added bonus, I now have more than enough "respect" in Saints Row to last me for the rest of the game (I think).

I have a wedding to attend this weekend, as well as a pumpkin carving party, which leaves me with a little less gaming time than usual. Even so, I'll be working on the following achievements this weekend:

  • Professional Thief: I need to steal 30 boxes from various stores in a series of night-time robberies. No problem...especially with the number of good quality hints, tips and strategy posts on the Internet.
  • Negotiator: This achievement requires me to take 50 hostages: I wonder if this means I can simply take a hostage than bail? Or do I need to complete 50 separate hostage mini-missions? If I'm looking at the latter case, I may not get this one done by the end of the week. I'll give it a shot though.
  • Shopaholic: I'll need to acquire 100 clothing and jewelry items for my single player wardrobe. That shouldn't be too difficult if I can manage to earn a little cash while completing the Professional Thief and Negotiator achievements.

Actually, I've found a guide on GameFAQs (see it here) that presents a number of money-making hints and tips. Since I have very little free time and the reflexes you'd expect of someone as sleep-deprived as me, I feel no shame in using all available resources to help me beat Saints Row. Although I'd never look for help in completing story-line missions, I don't mind getting a helping hand when it comes to beating some of the outrageously difficult side-missions and random activites in Saints Row.