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Monday, October 29, 2007

Saints Row: My Home Away From Home...

Before the weekend started, I was planning on clearing a few achievements. Although I fell one achievement short of clearing all three achievements, I still did pretty well considering that I decided to spend most of my free time this weekend with my wife and kids.

First off, let's take a look at the achievements I managed to clear this weekend: Shopaholic and Negotiator.

Negotiator: This achievement proved to be an easy 10 gamerpoints for me. I took and held 50 random car passengers hostage over a span of about 60 minutes of gameplay. I drove out to the highway to the west of the Saints Row crib location and started looking for hostages. I spent all my time driving the stretch of road between Freckle Bitch's and the nearby Forgive and Forget. Here's are the steps I took to successfully collect money from each of my hostages:

  1. Find a car with 2 or 3 passengers. More passengers in the car means less successful hostage missions required to pick up the Negotiator achievement.
  2. Once in the car, start the Hostage mission. Begin driving between Freckle Bitch's and Forgive and Forget, making u-turns as necessary. Take special care not to slow down too much - though you don't need to go "pedal to the metal" either.

  3. When you're police heat meter (or wanted level) hits two stars, drive through the Forgive and Forget. Although you'll make less profit in ransoms after spending a few hundred at the Forgive and Forget, attempting to fend off a two star wanted level (or worse) makes things unnecessarily difficult.

  4. Some hostages will cave quickly and pay you after twenty seconds; others will take as long as three minutes. As long as you follow the steps above, you'll have no problems getting paid each and every time.

Shopaholic: After finishing up about 40 hostage missions, I had about $17,000 saved up. I popped over to Sloppy Seconds (the discount clothing store) and purchased as much clothing as I could until I received the wonderful "Achievement Unlocked" message from my Xbox 360. Each item at Sloppy Seconds can be purchased multiple times - once for each possible colour variant that exists. This makes it very easy and quite affordable to pick up the Shopaholic achievement and 10 gamerpoints even if your Saints Row bank account is looking a little slim.

The last thing I finished in Saints Row this past weekend was the Insurance Fraud activity. Taking the time to clear the various activities in Saints Row is not only fun: each gives you a whole slew of rewards that can help you finish off the main storyline in comfort and style. For Insurance Fraud, my Stilwater avatar now takes less damage from bullets, explosions, car crashes, and he regenerates health at a faster rate.

For those of you looking for a little help with Saints Row's various activities, I've found some Brady Games video guides for you. Although I couldn't find guides for each of various in-game activities, I've found enough to give you a taste of what sorts of things await you in the 'Row.

Insurance Fraud Activity

Hitman Activity

Mayhem Activity

Snatch Activity

Drug Dealer Activity

Street Racing Activity

Although I won't have much time for Saints Row this week, I'll do my best to clear the following three achievements:

  • Contract Killer: Hitmen in real life are scary. Hitmen in video games are cool. I'll do my best Agent 47 impression and try to take out all 24 required targets. I found a guide to help me out if I get stuck, and there's the video guide above to help me with 8 of the targets.

  • Vandal: There are three Mayhem activity locations in Saints Row. Each will give me the eight opportunities to smash, blow up, shoot, and run over anything and everything in an attempt to create as much mayhem and anarchy as possible. This could be pretty fun...

  • Professional Thief: I still need to steal 30 boxes from various stores in a series of night-time robberies. It doesn't seem that hard, but I've gotten pwned on each of my attempts to steal even one box.

Ok, back to the 'Row for me...