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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Takin' care of The Family...

I've been having one of those weeks. We've all had them. You know how it goes: go to work, get home, spend all night taking care of the house, the kids, and various other chores. And finally, come midnight (or, in my case, 2 o'clock in the morning), you collapse into bed knowing that you have few precious hours to sleep before you get up and do it all again.

Although I had plans to make it through more of Saints Row by Friday, things aren't looking good. Since Sunday evening, I've managed to jump on my Xbox 360 for a total of 30 minutes. With my second son fussing as much as he is, I'm surprised that I even managed to get that much playing time. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that I get a chance to visit Stilwater by the end of the week.

In other news, I managed to win my very own copy of The Godfather off of eBay. I've had a terrible time winning anything lately so it feels nice to get a cheap game that reviewed quite well. I'm a big fan of mafia-based games so The Godfather should be fun.

I was also scouring eBay looking for cheaper copies of Half-Life 2: The Orange Box, F.E.A.R., Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, and The Darkness. So far, things haven't worked out. In most cases, I get seriously outbid in the last couple minutes of an auction. In other cases, the games get too expensive for me to justify purchasing them, especially when I've got so many un-played games sitting in the queue at home.

That's it for now. Life's a little busy right now, but things will calm down. They always do...

Until then, the only game I'll be playing is the waiting game...