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Friday, October 19, 2007

Weekend in the 'Row

If there existed Xbox 360 achievements for life, I'd have picked up the "Successfully Put Screaming Child to Bed" achievement last night. Unfortunately, that left very little time for anything else, including playing Saints Row. This weekend, however, will see me put some time into that game in the hopes of picking up a few of the easier achievements.

When I contemplated buying an Xbox 360 last year, Saints Row was the game that made me pony up the $500 and make my purchase. And for some inexplicable reason, I didn't buy the game when I first picked up my console. Instead, I waited until ealier this Spring to finally pick up my very own used copy of Saints Row from Blockbuster. Now that I've decided to play the game, I'm finding it a little amusing (and somewhat frustrating) that my schedule isn't giving me a chance to sit down and give Saints Row a real go.

This weekend, I'm hoping to play for about six hours if possible. I'm hoping this will give me enough time to pick up a few achievements:

  • Audiophile: This is one of the "secret" achievements and is obtained by collecting all sixty (60) of the CDs hidden through Stilwater. So far, I've found three of them thanks to a guide I found on GameFAQs. Only 57 more to go!

  • Stilwater PD Award: This is the most violent achievement of the lot, I think. All I need to do is kill fifty (50) residents of Stilwater using only melee attacks. I'm not a big fan of taking out innocent pedestrians but after meeting BioShock's Little Sisters, other games' NPCs just don't seem as cute and cuddly. I'll just grit my teeth and get this one over with.

  • Grifter: The Insurance Fraud activity in Saints Row sounds like tons of fun. The goal is to get into accidents and get hit by cars in order to make false insurance claims and get paid. The Grifter achievement is awarded when you've earned $200,000 in insurance money. Although this achievement may take me a little while to complete, it should be lots of fun.

  • Jumped the Shark: This achievement doesn't sound too bad: borrow $200,000 from the Loan Office. I'm probably missing something that makes this achievement either impossible to do when first starting at the beginning of a new game in Saints Row or incredibly difficult to do without the necessary weapons or experience. In any case, there's no harm in trying, right?
My plan of attack for Saints Row is to complete as many of the side activities as possible before tackling the main storyline. I used to do the same thing in the Grand Theft Auto series of games: find all the hidden packages as early as possible, finish off the Paramedic, Firefighter, and Vigilante missions while the gangs still regarded you as neutral, and finish up all the car import/export missions. I'm not sure whether it's possible to follow this plan with Saints Row but that's how I'll try and play it regardless.

Have a great weekend! And for those of you able to get lots of sleep, please know that I'm jealous beyond all belief!