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Thursday, November 15, 2007

BioShock DLC Coming Soon?!

I was just over at Xbox.com looking over my gamer profile and I noticed something funny about the BioShock achievement list.

It seems that BioShock now has 51 achievements listed for a total of 1100 points! Taking a look at the achievement list, there is now an extra "Secret Achievement" worth 100 gamerpoints!

I've not heard about this anywhere else at this point, so I can't even begin to speculate how or where you can go about clearing this extra achievement.

If this is legit and not some weird MS screw-up, this means that I could be replaying BioShock before the year's up. My only hope is that the DLC is either free or discounted!

UPDATE: Looks like others had noticed this last weekend. Still no news on what the achievement could be though.