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Friday, November 16, 2007

Don't you lose my number...

I played a little more of The Darkness last night. Though I was hoping to make it to Chapter 2 of the game, I got caught up with my achievement point hunting and ran out of time.

I was working towards finishing off the bulk of the Obsessive Collector (unlock 75 collectibles) and Completionist (unlock 100 collectibles) achievements. Rather than finding the hidden collectibles scattered throughout The Darkness, I was making phone calls off a list of numbers that I found online. All in all, there are 73 phone numbers on my list which unlock 73 collectibles in the game.

I had about 12 numbers left to call before getting to the end of the list. After a few minutes, I realized a couple things:

  1. I'd somehow missed a number and had managed to unlock only 72 out of 73 collectibles.

  2. When dialing the phone numbers to unlock collectibles, I didn't have to dial "555" first!
After realizing that I'd missed a number, I started from the beginning of the list and redialed each and every number. When I reached the end of the list yet again, imagine my dismay to discover that I'd still failed to unlock all 73 collectibles. My brain must be broken or something because I can't figure out where I'm going wrong here.

In any case, after giving up on dialing the phone ad nauseum, I left Jenny's apartment and made my back onto the streets. I took out a couple mobsters and managed to save a guy named Pete Chen in the process. After speaking with Pete, I accidentally executed him while trying to shoot out a light. I guess I was standing a little too close to him at the time. Totally ridiculous...hopefully that doesn't screw me over down the line somehow.

After meeting up with Butcher Jones, I spent the next hour looking for the Jungle Outfit for my Darklings (for the Fashionable achievement). I kept looking and looking, pausing only to take out cops with my Creeping Dark power. Lots of faces bitten, lots of hearts devoured, and no Jungle Outfit. I guess that's one of the problems with focusing on achievements: the game's story can take a bit of a backseat at times. I did manage to clear the Rogue Killer achievement, worth 15 GamerPoint, by killing 15 enemies with my Creeping Dark power.

Before going to bed, I found out that the Jungle Outfit that I was looking for was hidden in a different area of the game; hence, the reason that I couldn't find it. Damn! I wasted so much time dialing phone numbers and looking for a stupid Darkling outfit!

Tonight, I plan on getting that damned outfit, discovering which phone number I missed for the 73rd collectible, and I'd like to make it to Chapter 2 of The Darkness if at all possible.

Now, I better find out if Pete Chen was important to the storyline in any way...

Have a great weekend!