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Monday, November 26, 2007

A Glitch in The Darkness

I hate it when I work hard towards finishing off a piece of a game and realize that my game's been somehow glitched. I believe that I may have been glitched in my current run through The Darkness. I'm hoping that I can resolve the issue before I put the game aside later this week in favour of The Orange Box's arrival.

The glitch I'm experiencing concerns one of the sub-missions required to complete the Heart of Gold achievement. Specifically, I'm having problems with the Alfred Blackmoore mission. Alfred needs Jackie to obtain apartment keys from Dana Cutrone, a tenant in Alfred's building. Dana hasn't been paying rent and needs to pay up or leave the premises.

The mission itself should only involve Jackie going to the apartment, knocking on the door, and getting the keys. In my game, I went to the door, knocked, and Dana wouldn't answer. And until Dana does answer the damned door, I can't complete the sub-mission which means that the Heart of Gold achievement remains firmly out of reach.

Of course, all hope is not yet lost. What I plan on doing is scouring the Internet to see if anyone has run into and resolved this issue. If not, I can try restarting the last chapter of The Darkness and attempting the Alfred Blackmoore sub-mission again. Maybe I'll be able to bypass the glitch and get the keys. I'm hoping that the Heart of Gold achievement carries across games (as opposed to being reset when starting a new game).

The other glitch that I thought I had, involving the Completionist achievement, may not be an issue. According to the in-game achievement list, it looks like I'm missing one WWI letter that can be found if I restart Chapter 2. Once I finish off The Darkness' story-line, I'll go back to Chapter 2 to pick up the Completionist worth 20 GamerPoint and then I'll pop over to Chapter 5 to complete the Heart of Gold achievement worth 50 GamerPoint. If all goes well, I should be finished The Darkness by Wednesday!

Things are going pretty well with my game so far, aside from the potential glitch described above. Since the time of my last Darkness post, I've managed to pick up 8 achievements worth 305 gamer points! I may be a little too old to get excited about these gamer points but I don't much care. I'm married with kids so I don't need to worry about being cool anymore.

And in the vein of being uncool, let's take a look at the recent glut of achievements that I've experienced in The Darkness!

Crazy For You [25 GamerPoint]: I like achievements that are funny, witty, clever, or tricky to get. But I also like those achievements that just show up as you make your way through a game. Crazy For You is one of the latter achievements. There was a guy sitting behind some bulletproof glass. He was somehow shooting exploding canisters at me. I got mad, shot some locks off a gate, and used the Creeping Dark to eat his face and his heart. Although the face was delicious, it was his heart that unlocked the Black Hole darkness power and 25 gamer points.

Anti Air [15 GamerPoint]: I knew that there would come a time when I would have the Black Hole power and be given the option to take down a helicopter: that time came shortly after entering the Turkish Baths. I was minding my own business until I was suddenly assaulted by a chopper and a number of S.W.A.T. members. I shot the crooked cops and took down the chopper with a well-placed Black Hole. Although I thought this sequence of events would be very easy given the enormous amount of power given to Jackie upon unlocking the Black Hole ability, I ended up dying a number of times as I tried to figure out the best way to go about things. But I figured it out - the achievement and the 15 gamer points are proof of that!

Void Bringer [15 GamerPoint]: Killing 20 enemies is not very hard to do when using the Black Hole darkness power. Clearing this achievement was made even easier by the fact that I kept dying while trying to escape the Turkish Baths and the City Hall subway station. The Darkness records each kill made with your Darkness powers, even if you happen to die and restart a checkpoint. I unlocked Void Bringer after clearing the same room 3 or 4 times during consecutive checkpoint restarts.

Darkness Master [100 GamerPoint]: As I mentioned in an earlier post, I only needed to take out 40 enemies with the Black Hole ability to clear this achievement. Due to the number of times I died while escaping the Turkish Baths and subway system, I cleared this achievement quite easily. The fact that this achievement was worth 100 gamer points makes me a very happy psychotic mafia thug...not that I'm a real life psychotic mafia thug...but I do play one in video games.

Fashionable [25 GamerPoint]: I managed to find all 6 outfits for my Darklings and unlocked the Fashionable achievement in the process. I believe the Darklings wear their costumes when they emerge from portals but I don't use the Darklings enough to care. I just wanted the achievement points and I got 'em. The Darklings could come out nude for all I care...

Into The Dark [50 GamerPoint]: More automatic gamer points! Woo hoo! Oh, and the end of the second part of the game (Chapter 3) was pretty good. Not as emotional as the end of The Darkness' first part, but pretty gruesome and uncomfortable nonetheless. The gamer points are just icing on the cake!

Take a Look at the Sky [50 GamerPoint]: Without spoiling anything for anyone, there is a point in Chapter 4 where Jackie finds himself manning a turret on a tank. As the tank drives along, you're attacked by planes flying overhead. After four of five tries, I managed to shoot down six planes to earn this achievement. I've heard it said that you can shoot down the six planes cumulatively across multiple checkpoint restarts and I think I can confirm this point. I don't believe that I shot down six planes in any one single run through this part of the game.

Cannibal [25 GamerPoint]: I was really worried about picking up this achievement. I knew that I was approaching the end of the game and I only had 264 hearts devoured as of the start of Chapter 5. Well, I can rest easy now that I've devoured the 300 hearts required by the Cannibal achievement. There were ample hearts to be devoured over the first couple missions in Chapter 5 and I'm sure I've got quite a few more to eat before I put this game away. For those who care, I picked up the Cannibal achievement while clearing a certain boat of armed gunmen.

I'm getting quite close to the end of The Darkness and, as such, have few achievements remaining to be unlocked. Over the course of the next couple nights, I plan on bringing Jackie's quest for revenge to a close. In the process, I'll be trying to pick up the following achievements:

  • Legendary Executioner: I need to "execute" another 20 enemies to clear this achievement and pick up 20 GamerPoint. If I can't complete this before the end of the game, I'll be forced to reload an earlier chapter in the game and go from there. I think the only reason that I haven't cleared this achievement yet is because I totally forgot about it.

  • Completionist: A quick trip to Chapter 2 and this achievement should get unlocked shortly thereafter. There is one measly letter remaining to be picked up. I may have to complete all of Chapter 2 before I can mail the letter but I plan on checking around to see if that's the case.

  • Heart of Gold: I'm hoping that restarting Chapter 5 will un-glitch the Alfred Blackmoore sub-mission. If so, I'll be able to add this achievement and 50 gamer points to my score.

  • Bringing People Together: I'm told that there are ample opportunities to trap five enemies in a single Black Hole towards the end of Chapter 5.

  • Gunslinger: I'm told that there are ample opportunities to kill 7 enemies within 15 seconds towards the end of Chapter 5. I'm anticipating a lot of gamer points coming as I make my way down the home stretch!

  • Anti Hero: An automatic 25 GamerPoint for completing the game! I'll unlock this achievement for sure.

I'm off to surf the 'Net to figure out what I'll need to do while finishing up The Darkness. Besides looking forward the conclusion of this game, I'm also excited about the prospect of playing through The Orange Box without putting any thought towards the various achievements available. It should be a lot of fun!


Anonymous said...

The Darkness is great, just borrowed it from a friend. Sounds like your doing good achievement-wise. And thanks for the tip about using black hole to take down the helicopter. That will come in handy. Happy gaming!

Klopzi said...

Glad I could help!

Thanks for stopping by!