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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mass Effect: Greatest RPG Ever?

Well, Mass Effect hits stores today and will be doing its best to fight for your holiday shopping dollars. And it looks like this is a fight that Mass Effect could win based on its review scores.

Mass Effect takes place in the year 2183. You assume the role of Commander Shepard as you set out to stop a rogue Spectre agent named Saren. This hunt will see you visit many different planets, interact with countless alien species, and I guarantee that this game will suck you in fully as you try to uncover the truth behind what is actually going on.

If you have any doubts that Mass Effect is the game to own for you Xbox 360, take a look at these scores (courtesy of GameRankings.com):

The pros for Mass Effect include:
  • Incredible story
  • Amazing graphics
  • Outstanding voice acting
  • Fun and exciting battle sequences
  • Hours and hours of fun that redefine what makes a great role-playing game.
And the cons, while fairly minor compared to the whole, include:
  • Some long-ish load times that slow down the game's pace
  • Questionable NPC AI during battle sequences
  • Clunky menu interface
  • Framerate slowdowns when the screen gets overloaded with action
Here's a video review from GameTrailers.com that I feel nicely encapsulates all that's great about Mass Effect while shedding a little light on the minor game-play annoyances that haunt the game:

I hope that the reviews and video have shown you Mass Effect is a real must-have for the Xbox 360. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy, though I may have to wait until Christmas before I get a chance to explore the Mass Effect universe. However, with such glowing reviews, I may have to ask Santa to hurry things along and drop off my copy a little early...