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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saints Row Disc Error!

With GTA IV delayed until sometime in 2008, Saints Row's siren song of gang violence and crazy activities was too much for me to ignore. And so I played and I played and I played. With many of the activities completed, I started in on the storyline missions in Saints Row. On Sunday, I started to have problems.

Sunday afternoon, Saints Row crashed.

Sunday evening, my Xbox 360 couldn't even recognize the Saints Row disc.

Monday afternoon, Saints Row loaded up just fine. But Monday evening, I was back to having strange disc error problems. And though I managed to complete a couple missions here and there, I've given up. With frequent crashes and large amounts of time spent just trying to get the game running, I've got to try something before I spend anymore time hoping that I'll finally manage to play Saints Row error-free.

The first thing I'm going to do is re-position my Xbox 360 from its current vertical orientation to a horizontal orientation. Although Microsoft claims that the 360 works well in both orientations, I'm a little wary. And while placing my 360 horizontally means that I'll have to stop using the Intec Intercooler that I picked up a year ago, I'll not miss the excessive noise caused by the Intec fans trying desperately to cool off my console.

I'm also going to clear my Xbox 360's system cache. I'm not sure what this will do to help me out but I know that Microsoft advises doing so whenever experiencing problems that can't be easily solved. For my reference and yours, the following steps can be used to clear your Xbox 360's system cache:

  1. Go to the Xbox Dashboard, select the System Blade, and select Memory.

  2. Highlight the HD symbol and press Y.

  3. Press X, X, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, X, X.
I'll have to be sure to connect to Xbox Live beforehand to upload the achievements I have stored on my 360 prior to clearing the cache. Once this is done, I'll need to remain connected to Xbox Live as I load up Saints Row in order to download any possible game updates. UPDATE: On second thought, I won't be clearing the cache. There's got to be a reason that Microsoft warns users not to undertake this step lightly. If I bricked my console, I'd feel pretty stupid...

If I'm still having issues playing Saints Row after performing the steps above, I'll trade the game back in to Blockbuster. I'd hate to have to put Saints Row on hold since I was really enjoying the game until I started having these disc issues. Worst case scenario? I play The Darkness, Lost Planet, and The Godfather until a friend can lend me his copy of Saints Row.