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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

All Hail The Merchant King!

The Merchant King of Damascus was a man mocked by his people and shunned by his Gods. Afraid and unwilling to show his face most days, he would instead throw the occasional feast so that he could bask in the hollow appreciation of the people. Yet within his heart, a plot was coming to fruition that would finally allow this "King" a little retribution against those who would speak ill of him behind his back.

Altaïr attended the Merchant King's last party after navigating the guard infested streets and rooftops of Damascus' Rich District. Here Altaïr listened as the Merchant King unveiled his big surprise for those who had gathered for the feast. And when all was said and done, it was here that Altaïr began the hunt of his portly prey.

Past the foot soldiers, past the archers, and past the throng of worried onlookers they ran. And finally, when the Merchant King could run no more, it was then that Altaïr ended his life. A quick wound to the throat and one last chance at absolution was all that Altaïr could offer this King no longer.

I, myself, was not looking for absolution and was instead awarded 25 GamerPoint and the Blood of the Merchant King achievement for aiding Altaïr in the hunt.

With five assassinations completed and four more awaiting Altaïr's attention, the mystery behind The Asassins, The Templars, and The Crusades will remain until Altaïr can finally pull back the shroud that blankets the truth.

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