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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Assassin In Training

I was hoping to get a good amount of time to spend with Assassin's Creed last night but my fatherly duties intervened. For what it's worth, both of my sons are doing great and the little one is getting better (ie. not screaming quite as much) day by day. Still, things are not yet perfect but we're on our way. But enough about my real life: let's get to the games!

Assassin's Creed has a total of 44 achievements. I took a quick peek at the averages posted by Xbox Live users and here's what we have:

  • Average number of achievements: 17
  • Average gamerscore: 386 GamerPoint

After last night's shortened session, I have 7 achievements unlocked for a total of 140 GamerPoint. It looks like I'm well on my way to beating the average Xbox 360 user on this game.

I cleared a couple of achievements last night but I was unsure of what it was that I'd done until I checked things over this morning. Let's see if you're able to decipher these achievements any better than I did.

Eagle's Talon [15 GamerPoint]: This achievement is unlocked once "50 people have felt the deadly sting of your blade". Looking back over my short career as an assassin, I was pretty sure that I'd stung far more than 50 enemies. Well, it looks like this achievement is unlocked for stealth-killing 50+ enemies. How do you stealth kill? Here are my tips to taking out every guard that you can see on the screen without raising a fuss:
  1. Hit the "Blend" button (the green A button on the Xbox 360) and make your way towards a guard or soldier.
  2. Move closer until you're able to target your enemy (pull left trigger).
  3. Select the wrist-blade as your weapon of choice (press up on the d-pad).
  4. Continue "blending" and make your way behind the targeted guard.
  5. Once you're in position behind the guard and if you're sure that there are no other guards within a few paces of your current location, quickly tap your attack button (blue X button). Altaïr will quickly plunge his wrist-blade into the neck of the unsuspecting guard, resulting in the guard's instantaneous death.
  6. Quickly "blend" once again to prevent any investigating guards from spotting you as the murderer.
  7. Now repeat this process for every other guard in close proximity, starting with any guards that come to investigate your most recent victim.
If you repeat this process more than 50 times, you'll get the Eagle's Talon achievement just like I did! You couldn't ask for a cooler way to pick up 15 GamerPoint!

Eagle's Swiftness [20 GamerPoint]: This is another unclear achievement. The wording claims that the Eagle's Swiftness achievement is unlocked when "over 100 people have witnessed your deadly performance with a blade". Since Altaïr has a few blades at his disposal, I was a little unsure of the true criteria for gaining these crucial 20 gamer points. Well, I discovered that the Eagle's Swiftness achievement is unlocked once you've dispatched over 100 enemies in combat with Altaïr's counter-kill move.

Although it's generally easy to kill an enemy using the counter-kill, there is a bit of timing involved to use the move properly. Attempt to counter too soon and your enemies will smack you repeatedly about the face and upper body with their sharp swords. Counter too late and you'll see Altaïr parry his enemy attacks without responding in kind. Although the latter mistake is less deadly, it's pretty embarrassing to the play the role of a deadly assassin who doesn't know how to dish out a little pain!

I've taken a look at the achievements for Assassin's Creed - though I've purposefully avoided sites like Xbox360Achievements.org because I don't want to know any of the secret achievments. If I manage some Xbox 360 time tonight, I would like to try for the following achievements:

  • Gifted Escapist: This achievement is unlocked by jumping through merchant stands. Last night, I managed to jump through 5 such stands found in a small community on my way to Jerusalem. The merchants seemed quite shocked by my unprovoked display of acrobatics but I'm sure they enjoyed the show deep down inside, y'know? I'll see if I can impress 15 more merchants and pick up this achievement.

  • March of the Pious: I'll get this achievement by blending with scholars 20 times. I wonder if I can simply blend and unblend with the same group of scholars in quick succession. If that is the case, I should have this achievement in no time!

  • Enemy of the Poor: For this achievement, I'll need to grab and throw 25 harrassers (aka beggars). I haven't seen a single beggar yet but I'm hoping that Jerusalem is full of 'em! If so, harrassers be warned: you will be tossed about for fun and profit this evening!

Okay - enough talk, more play! Have a good one!