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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Free BioShock DLC and Patch

In a world where everything has a price tag, it's nice to see 2K Games and Microsoft rewarding gamers with a little free downloadable content! Everyone's favourite underwater shooter and murder simulator is now patched and chock-full of new content.

First off, here's a list of BioShock's updates and fixes (courtesy of Cult of Rapture):

  • Added widescreen option: Horizontal FOV
  • Fix for rare case where a partial cache is not cleared
  • Increased Atlas’ volume in German
  • Fix for GUI sounds not playing during heavy action
  • Fix for not being able to take picture of Cobb in Rec
  • Possible fix for pauses or hangs when opening flash bink movies
  • Fix for switching difficulty breaking achievement
  • Fix for small texture streaming bug
  • Fix for rare hang when a lot of things are going on at once

I'm glad they'v addressed the FOV issues that had so many people bitching. Finally, everyone can enjoy BioShock without succumbing to nausea. I never had problems myself; then again, I've been known to eat chili nachos made with digestive cookies and triscuits instead of tortilla chips. As for the rest of the issues fixed - cool? My copy of BioShock ran perfectly everytime...

And now to the good stuff! Is BioShock's new downloadable content for the Xbox 360 good enough to have me return to Rapture for a second go at things? Here are the details (again, courtesy of Cult of Rapture):
  • Added Disable Vita Chamber option
  • Plasmid Pack is included in this DLC (Machine Buster 1 & 2, Vending Expert 1 & 2, Sonic Boom 1 & 2, EVE Saver)
  • 100 point achievement for beating game without Vita Chamber called "Brass Balls"
    How to do it:
    • Must beat game on Hard
    • Must not use a Vita Chamber (you can always roll back to an earlier save)
    • The Vita Chamber Disabled option can be on or off as long as you don’t resurrect


So, I can disable Vita Chambers? I'm not really hardcore enough to give this a try. I like not being able to die in games. In action movies, the main character never dies. And so should it be in games starring "me"! I doubt that I'd ever use this feature.

New Plasmids? Whatever. I'm not really the type of gamer who has time to go back through a game and try to redevelop new strategies with new plasmids or weapons. Unless these plasmids are grossly overpowered, I'll continue to stick with my Incinerate and Hypnotize Big Daddy plasmids.

Brass Balls? Good. Now I have no chance of getting 100% completion for BioShock. The chances of me beating the hardest difficulty setting: slim. The chances of me beating the hardest difficulty without vita-chambers: zero. I'm sure there are those who'll easily accomplish this task and pick up the new achievement, but I won't be included in their ranks.

All in all, it looks like the BioShock's patch and DLC are aimed towards the haters and the hardcore gamers. As for us time-limited, recreational video game fans, it looks like BioShock's updates are simply icing on a cake that we've already eaten. The cake is good, the icing's great, but I'm already enjoying another dessert right now and I don't feel like cake.

I can't believe I didn't resort to the whole "cake is a lie" thing even though that comment would have been quite apropos given the nature of BioShock's new content...