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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hot Pics, Sexy New Themes, and a Little Carcassonne

I didn't get a chance to log any time with Half-Life 2 last night - but that's ok. I am both a husband and father and there are countless times when family comes first. That being said, I did manage to sneak onto my Xbox 360 late last night. I just wanted to check out a few things before going to bed.

First off, let me say "Thank you!" to Microsoft for giving us some great new themes and gamerpics! Microsoft must have been in a generous mood after releasing six Xbox Originals titles, including Psychonauts, Indigo Prophecy, Halo and Crimson Skies, to the Xbox Live Marketplace. Each of the Xbox Originals game has an associated theme and gamerpics. Better yet? They're all FREE!

Free, you say? Damn right! Take a look at my gamertag. That little guy looking back at you is Raz from Psychonauts. I also have the Psychonauts theme currently rockin' my 360 Dashboard.

Anyway, I urge you to check out these free themes and gamerpics. Variety is the spice of life and very rarely does such variety come at no cost to you.

And, for what's it worth, I highly recommend playing both Psychonauts and Indigo Prophecy. They both represent how great video games can and should be!

After getting my new theme set up, I decided to take a quick look at Carcassonne, a Xbox Live Arcade title that was made a free download for Xbox Live's 5th Anniversary. I'm not really sure how to play the game but I did manage to unlock a couple achievements:

King of the Road [5 GamerPoint]: I unlocked this achievment by completing a road comprised of five or more tiles. I think my road had seven tiles, for what it's worth. This was a pretty easy achievement to pick up - I mean, I didn't even know how to play!

Rack Up The Points [10 GamerPoint]: This achievement was given to me for completing a game with 50 or more points. I ended up losing to the computer with a score 60 versus the AI's 90 points. Even so, 10 gamer points for me!

For my benefit and yours, GameFAQs is hosting a Carcassonne guide that outlines the rules, strategies, and tips to being the best you can be at Carcassonne. Honestly, I'm still not sure what the game's about: I'm going to read the guide...

Tonight, it's back to Half-Life 2. When I last finished playing, I'd just picked up the "Gravity" gun and was about to enter the zombie-infested city of Ravenholm. I'll be back tomorrow to discuss everything I've done in Half-Life 2 in the past few days, including some more achievement talk for those who care (and who doesn't care about achievement points!).