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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Move Up, Ladies!

The new GTA IV trailer is here! The new GTA IV trailer is here!

Watch it after the jump!



Mike said...

Looks awesome alright. It's good to see that the next GTA actually looks pretty in a next-gen sort of way.

It's a tad choppy though. I wonder why. Some slowdowns are set in small areas, so I wonder why this is happening.

Klopzi said...

GTA's always been choppy in parts, especially the Xbox versions of the series.

Still, with the graphics looking the way they do and at least 3 months before the game goes gold, I trust Rockstar to make sure that the game hovers around that 60 fps mark that everyone seems to love so very much.

I still think GTA IV will set the bar for what we'll expect from video games in the near future.