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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


There is a point in every roleplaying game where you suddenly realize that your character is pretty damned powerful. The Final Fantasy series has always been really good at displaying the sheer power that your character can dish out - be it through a mighty sword swing or through a quick trip through the cosmos to have a nearby meteor alter its course and crush your lowly opponents.

Last night, I realized that I may have come to that point in my current run-through of Mass Effect. And you know what? It's great!

I'm playing Commander Shepard as a Renegade Nemesis in my game. He's ruthless, he's mean, and he gets the job done. Cross him and expect to be flung high into the air before taking a number of hits from Shepard's Spectre-class pistol. Of course, lifting enemies into the air is but one tactic at my disposal as I guide Shepard in his quest to stop Saren:

  • Shepard's biotic power Throw is now powerful enough to kill most enemies in a single use.
  • Shepard's ability to create strong gravitational fields is both entertaining for me and deadly for his opponents. Last night, I created a field that trapped four enemies and most loose objects in the room near the ceiling in the center of a room. Ashley and Tali made quick work of everyone floating in mid-air.
  • The Warp power, boosted by Shepard's Nemesis-class specialization, is a devastating attack that not only damages his enemies but lowers their resistances enough to allow a few quick pistol shots to finish the job.
Basically, I'm having lots of fun killing as many crooked cops, freakish aliens, and evil robots as possible.

During my exploits (or, rather, Shepard's) to save the galaxy, I managed to pick up and sell enough stuff to amass over 1,000,000 in credits. Of course, this unlocked the Rich achievement worth a whopping 25 GamerPoint. The trick to getting this achievement is simply to wait until later in the game when you're able to scavenge good weapons and armour from your fallen opponents and from the numerous crates and containers scattered about the Mass Effect universe. Once you're able to find and sell pistols and assault rifles worth 8000 credits or more apiece, it does not take long to clear the 1,000,000 credits mark. Oh - and for what it's worth, avoid buying weapons and armour (except for the Spectre-class stuff): you'll find everything you need by surviving battles and exploring planets.

In terms of Mass Effect's story, I'm currently in a research facility looking for an alien matriarch. I'm pretty sure Shepard will be killing her when he finds her, though there may be a twist somewhere along the line. I'm currently guiding Shepard through some restricted research area in this facility which has made many of the on-site guards quite upset. Unfortunately, killing them seems to be Shepard's only recourse for the time being.

As for upcoming achievements, I foresee clearing the following achievements quite soon:
  • Honorarium of Corporate Service: I believe I'll pick this up as soon as I've finished up my current mission. I'm guessing it'll take me another couple hours of playing before the achievement is unlocked.
  • Lift Mastery: I'm making sure that I use Shepard's Lift power as much as possible;I must be very close to picking up this achievement.
  • Stasis Mastery: I use the Stasis power as much as possible during combat; again, I must be getting close.
  • Geth Hunter: I need to take out 250 Geth to unlock this achievement. I've killed quite a few Geth so I'm hoping that this achievement will be mine soon.
I won't be playing any Mass Effect tonight; instead, I'll be playing a little poker and watching TV with my wife. However, I hope to make great strides by week's end.

Have a good one!