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Friday, January 4, 2008

Decisions, decisions...

I was preparing a list of all the achievements that I wanted to pick up during my first run-through of Mass Effect. However, after doing a little reading regarding how you can carry over your character from a finished game of Mass Effect to a new game, I've decided to restart my game for a fourth time...

My original plan was to play through Mass Effect as a Renegade Infiltrator on Normal difficulty. I'd pick up a bunch of achievements, finish the game, then try the game on the Hardcore difficulty as a Soldier or a Vanguard.

Well, the character carry-over allows you to take your fully pumped character from one game and start a new game with that same leveled character. Obviously, this is a great thing when you're planning on tackling the higher difficulty games. In my case, though, I didn't want to use my Renegade Infiltrator for the Hardcore or Insanity game difficulties. I was hoping that I'd be able to change my Infiltrator's character class to a more suitable soldier-type and go toe to toe with my enemies.

I'm really torn trying to decide which class I want to use. Playing as a soldier may make the game easier but I'll also miss out on a number of biotic power and tech related achievements.

Then again, if it's achievements I'm after, I'll need to play the game through once as each of the three core classes: Soldier, Adept, and Engineer. The reason is that the Vanguard, Infiltrator, and Sentinel character classes prevent proper specialization in the core-classes. For example, the Singularity biotic power is available only to the Adept class and none other. Unfortunately, the Engineer class has some proprietary abilities that are not available when playing as an Infiltrator or Sentinel.

Let's take a look at how combat works for the Soldier class and the Adept class. I'll ignore the Engineer class for now since I'll probably hold off on playing the Engineer until much later: frankly, Engineers seem boring.

I think I'll try playing through Normal difficulty as an Adept and follow the Paragon path (i.e. Jedi). Later on, I'll tackle the Hardcore difficulty as a Renegade Soldier. As for the Insanity difficulty level, I'll choose either my Soldier or my Adept character to finish things off.

As for the Engineer, we'll see how much Mass Effect I'm willing to play after having gone through the game three times...