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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I wanna play...

In the past few nights, I've only managed a total of fifteen minutes of free time. Not exactly conducive to quality gaming, wouldn't you agree? However, I did manage to stumble upon gameplay footage for some of my more anticipated game releases. Hey, if I can't play, I might as well watch others play, right?

First off, here's some new gameplay footage for Condemned 2: Bloodshot. This video shows the first few minutes of the game.

Hmmm...not quite as gripping as the starting sequence in the original Condemned. I really hope that Condemned 2 doesn't stray down the "players need more blood and more action" path. Condemned: Criminal Origins was as much a psychological thriller as it was a hack n' slash game. I hope that Monolith and Sega haven't lost their way.

Keeping with the theme of "games that will make me pee my pants", here's the newest trailer for Alone in the Dark 5. In this trailer, you'll get a good look at the gameplay that will be available when Alone in the Dark 5 hits stores later this year.

Well, I have to say that Alone in the Dark 5 looks pretty damned good! The physics engine looks pretty solid. I also like the whole "lighting the trail of gasoline" gameplay footage. It should be fun to push leaky cars towars enemies and then blowing everything up with a well-timed drop of a match. Once again, I hope that this game focuses more on the chills of exploring a sinister version of Central Park and less on the thrills of combatting an army of evil nasties. I'm not looking to play a shooter-type game: I just want to be scared and have a little fun.

Okay, let's get away from the scary stuff and move into the wonderful world of Xbox Live Arcade. The following videos are for Undertow and Rez HD. I'm downloading Undertow tonight for free and I wanted to see what the game was about. As for Rez HD, I've entered my name in a draw for a free copy of the game and, again, I just wanted to see what the game was about in case I won a copy!

First off: Undertow.

Graphics? Check. Sound? Check. Gameplay? Not what I was expecting. I had no idea that Undertow was a shooter. In any case, it should be good for an hour or two of mindless fun! Without having played Undertow, I'm thinking that the game's price will be what most appeals to me: free is always good!

And now Rez HD...

I'm not quite sure what I was looking at here. Graphics looked ok, I guess...? Music was okay. Q Entertainment also made games like Lumines and Meteos so I'm sure that I'd like Rez HD once I got the chance to play it. However, I probably wouldn't spend money for the game since there are a number of games that I already own that seem to fit my style of gameplay a little better.

I'm hoping to get back to Mass Effect soon. I hate getting into a game and being unable to give it my undivided attention. I told my wife that the universe wouldn't save itself and that Commander Shepard needed me. She told me that my kids needed me too.