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Friday, January 18, 2008

Man on the Moon

Mass Effect made a liar out of me yesterday: I actually picked up another achievement while playing last night. I actually managed to put in a few hours with Shepard and crew and I walked away 15 GamerPoint richer!

After leaving the surviving colonists of Feros to fend for themselves, Shepard first brought the Normandy to a little known sector of space in search of a misguided genetic researcher. This "doctor" had been performing horrible and highly illegal research on the various test subjects aboard his ship. Even though the test subjects had to be put down, revenge was exacted upon the kind doctor in the form of a single use of Shepard's singularity biotic power to take him down. Lo and behold, this was enough to earn me the Singularity Mastery achievement!

After leaving the dead to rot for an eternity in their derelict coffin, Shepard decided to pop home to Earth to check things out on the moon. Unfortunately, it appeared that a rogue VI (a virtual reality computer used for tactical data analysis and training) was causing a good deal of trouble for the Alliance. Although Shepard died a few times while taking care of the rogue computer and its hundreds of nasty, rocket-shooting sentries, the battle was won.

Shepard was awarded a new talent after becoming a Nemesis. A Nemesis is simply an Adept who chooses to specialize in the offense-minded aspects of biotic powers. After leveling up Shepard, Williams, and Tali, everyone grabbed as much loot as they could carry and high-tailed it back to the Normandy.

And then? I went to bed.

I'll probably get a little time with Mass Effect this weekend. I've got a few more extra assignments to take care of before returning back to the main story line. I should be able to pick up the Lift Mastery and Stasis Mastery achievements at some point over the next few days.

Have a great weekend!