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Thursday, March 20, 2008

And Ultra-Violence Wins!

Saints Row ended up winning by default. I couldn't find myself a copy of Eternal Sonata anywhere. I guess Chopin, Polka, and the rest of their musically-inspired crew will have to wait. It's a shame. I played the Eternal Sonata demo and thought it was pretty neat.

So I played some Saints Row last night and had a blast. Since my focus will be mainly on the story missions themselves, there are only a handful of achievements that I see myself picking up:

  • Colombian Made: Earned by taking out Los Carnales.

  • Regicide: Earned by taking out the Vice Kings.

  • Road Warrior: Earned by taking out the Westside Rollerz.

  • Ruler of Stilwater: Once I take over all enemy gang territories, this 160 GamerPoint achievement is mine!

  • Penny Pincher: I'll need to earn $1,000,000 in Stilwater. This will be a bit of a grind but I'll get it done.

  • Professional Thief: I may not bother with this achievement. I think I need to steal another 25 boxes from various stores at night. We'll see...

  • Scourge of the Air: I'll need to blow up 50 helicopters to get this achievement. I may give this a try if I feel like it.
I've got a four day weekend coming up which means I'll have lots of time for both video games and poker. As much as I'd like to find myself a cheap copy of Eternal Sonata, I think I'm S.O.L. on that front. I did find a cheap copy of Blue Dragon but I highly doubt that I'd be able to finish that 3-disc monster before GTA IV hits store shelves on April 29.

Have a great weekend everyone!