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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hunting Geth and Thresher Maws

When I said I'd stop going out of my way to collect achievement points, I didn't mean that I'd simply try to plow my way through game after game. When I bought Mass Effect, I was really looking to experience the game. Had I wanted to simply finish off the storyline, I'd already be done. But I'm still working my way through a number of the game's sidequests.

Although I'll pick up the Completionist achievement by finishing up the majority of Mass Effect's numerous side-quests, there are other benefits besides gamerpoints. First and foremost, Shepard and crew will be much better equipped to handle Saren at the end of the game. And secondly, I'll get to explore more of the universe created by the great minds at BioWare.

I spent a couple hours playing last night. I'm currently finishing up an assignment to wipe out the Geth threat in a specific set of systems. It's been pretty tough at times. I've been forced to use the Mako (armoured tank-like vehicle) to take out most enemies. If you've played Mass Effect, you'll know that the vehicle controls and targeting can be a little tough at times (though still better than most games out there).

I've also managed to bump into quite a few Thresher Maws. These creatures are giant, worm-like creatures that pop out of the earth (think Dune). If one happens to pop up near you, there's a greater than zero chance of having the Mako, Shepard, and friends all wiped out in a single Thresher Maw attack. My advice: keep your distance, keep moving, and use the auditory clues to quickly figure out where the Thresher Maw is about to show up. Once you've got that simple system down, Thresher Maws are an easy way to gain a whole lot of experience. Leveling up in role-playing games is vital to success.

Tonight, I'll continue the fight against the Geth. After that, I'll continue looking for side-missions and assignments until I've unlocked the Completionist achievement. From there, it's on to the final battle against Saren! I'm thirty hours into the game and looking forward to seeing how things end.