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Friday, March 28, 2008

Liberty City Rats, Blue Dragons, and Big Apes!

Everyone seen the new GTA IV trailer? If not, don't worry - I've got it embedded in my post after the jump! If I were any more excited about this game, I'd need a new pair of pants. This latest video really shows off the great work that Rockstar's done since postponing GTA IV's release last October.

In addition to the new trailer, I've also just finished reading an article about GTA IV in this month's Electronic Gaming Monthly. A few EGM staffers got the chance to play GTA IV and they were pretty damned impressed! A few minor issues with the game's framerate at some parts and some sluggish cover mechanics but still quite good. Actually, I expect the remaining issues to be cleared up by the launch on April 29.

Here's the new trailer entitled "Good Lord What are you Doing? AKA Everyone’s a Rat". Don't worry: the trailer's much better than the title lets on...

If you prefer, feel free to download the GTA IV trailer here (courtesy of Xbox.com).

Besides waiting patiently for GTA IV, I'll be spending my free-time this weekend playing Blue Dragon (addictive and grind-tastic), King Kong (much harder and scarier than I thought it'd be), and poker (more expensive and not as much fun as video games).

Have a great weekend everyone!