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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saints Row Done...Next!

I finally finished off Saints Row this weekend. It's a shame that I ran across a bum copy of the game a few months back and had to delay my inevitable victory. Luckily, I'd unlocked enough weapons and retained enough skill to get through all the story-based missions with very little effort. There were some tricky missions, for sure. I think I'll discuss some of the trickier Saints Row missions in tomorrow's post.

Now that I've finished Saints Row, it's time to move on to some new games. Although I promised myself that I'd avoid buying any new games until the release of GTA IV on April 29, my greed got the better of me.

Heading into the long weekend, I decided to pop over to Blockbuster and see if there was anything worth buying. I had a $40 gift certificate that I got for Christmas from my mother-in-law. It'd be disrespectful to leave the gift certificate unused any longer, right?

I browsed through a large collection of used games and finally found a couple titles worth buying. I picked up Blue Dragon for $30 and King Kong for $5. Total cost after tax came to $39.18 - perfect!

I've only spent a little time with both Blue Dragon and King Kong so far. Blue Dragon looks like it will suck me in big time. I've printed off a list of all the achievements possible...just in case, y'know?

As for King Kong, I'll only need to play it through once to earn the full 1000 GamerPoint. Good thing too because the game is pretty unimpressive so far. Pretty old school in graphics, gameplay, and sound. I forgot just how bad in-game cutscenes looked in last generation games - excluding the Final Fantasy series, of course. Each character's mouth seems to move independently of the words supposedly coming out of their mouths. I'm just waiting for the "Kong" gameplay sequences: I hear they're pretty good!

Besides playing Blue Dragon and King Kong, I've also brought my DS out of retirement as I continue to look for ways to amuse myself during my daily commute. In that vein, I'm looking to add some new DS games to my daily lineup and get rid of some oldies but goodies. If you're interested, you can bid on my copies of Elite Beat Agents and Meteos. Both of these games can be yours until the auctions close this coming Saturday March 29th.

Have a good night! I'll be back tomorrow with a post about Saints Row's missions and achievements.