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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saints Row's Missions and Achievements

Saints Row feels very much like a next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto. Good looking graphics, decent voice acting, and a lot of cool little missions and activities to keep the game fun. Although I found some of the violence, sexuality, and language a little over-the-top at times, I had a great time making my way through Stilwater.

Of course, it wasn't all smooth sailing. There were a few missions that I found a little challenging. So I thought I'd list some of the trickier missions and how I tackled them. Hopefully this will help any of my readers out there who are still playing (or looking to play) Saints Row before GTA IV hits next month.

The story-based missions are grouped together according to the various gangs inhabiting Stilwater: 3rd Street Saints, Vice Kings, Westside Rollerz, and Los Carnales (a.k.a. the Los Carnales). The easiest missions belonged to the Vice Kings; Los Carnales had the toughest missions overall.

Here's a list of some of the missions that I found challenging. Rather than write up some walkthroughs, I've decided to insert video footage instead. But before I go any further, let me give you a few pieces of advice that you may find helpful:

  • Always be prepared. Be sure that you are carrying all the guns and ammunition you'll need for the mission.
  • Be sure to visit Freckle Bitch's regularly to stock up on food. As good as you think you are, there will be times when you'll need the health boost of a Big Swallow.
  • You can always visit the various Forgive and Forget locations at any time during a mission. Are the F.B.I. or S.W.A.T. getting you down? Forgive and Forget can help ease your burden.
  • Use the map often. Figure out where you're going and plot out path ahead of time. You'll be surprised at how often Saints Row's route finder will choose sub-optimal paths to your destination.
  • Different situations call for different weapons. Don't be afraid to mix-up your play a bit to minimize the problems you'll have with a mission.
  • Unless a mission is time-based, always approach each task with a fair amount of patience. Running and gunning is not a viable strategy in later missions: RPGs and pipe bombs have a way of slowing you down. My best advice is to find a spot on the map that forces your enemies to come to you. It's much easier to take out 30 Los Carnales bangers all bottle-necked at a single doorway than it is to run into a wide-open space and start shooting..

The videos below (courtesy of http://www.bonersgames.com) contain an insane number of spoilers. Unless you're willing to ruin much of your gaming experience, I'd recommend watching the absolute minimum required to help you pass the mission.

3rd Street Vice Kings (Vice Kings)

McManus Says Hello (Los Carnales)

Strength In Numbers (Los Carnales)

Possession With Intent (Los Carnales)

What Goes Up... (Los Carnales)

Semi-Charmed Life (Westside Rollerz)

Stuffing The Ballot (3rd Street Saints)

Hail To The Chief (3rd Street Saints)

I also managed to pick up six achievements in my final push at finishing Saints Row. Four of these achievements - Regicide, Road Warrior, Colombian Made, and Ruler of Stilwater - were awarded for finishing up the story missions. These achievements were surprisingly easy and quick to pick up and worth a total of 280 GamerPoint! Nice.

The other two achievements that I picked up were:

Scavenger [10 GamerPoint]: I finally managed to complete the Chop Shop activities in Saints Row. I only had a few vehicles to locate when I started playing Saints Row last week: a Bulldog, an Attrazione, and a Zenith. Luckily, the 3rd Street Saints all started driving Bulldogs as their regular gang vehicles. It was pretty easy to a hold of one. As for the Attrazione and Zenith, I just bought them from the car dealership. They weren't very expensive and I had a lot of cash.

Scourge of the Air [10 GamerPoint]: It's extremely easy to pick up the Scourge of the Air achievement if you can wait until you've acquired the Westside Rollerz mansion. With the mansion at my disposal, I simply worked my way up onto the roof of the mansion and started shooting at cop cars until I'd obtained a three star wanted level. That's when the helicopters started showing up. Although I had to run down to the master bedroom a few times to reload, it took me very little time to take out a 50 helicopters. I figure that it's possible to take out two or three helicopters a minute while standing atop the Rollerz mansion.

Although there are other achievements that I could pick up in Saints Row, I think I'm going to put the game aside. All told, I managed to pick up 21 out of 43 possible achievements for a total of 480 GamerPoint. At last check, my numbers put me well above the Xbox Live averages of 10 achievements cleared for 241 GamerPoint.

I think my work in Stilwater is finally done...


Anonymous said...

oi i like saints row but i just finished the 3rd last one and their no missions left lol?

Klopzi said...

Make sure that your respect level is high enough. Complete some more activities to increase your respect level and keep an eye out for more missions to appear.