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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apes, Bugs, Dinosaurs, and Lots of Explosions

I settled down last night with Just Cause and King Kong. I was looking for a nice, relaxing evening. What followed were some of the more tense gaming moments that I've experienced in a long while.

I've been unlocking achievement after achievement in both Just Cause and King Kong. But without an internet connection for my 360, nothing's showing up online just yet. My network adapter has yet to be shipped which is most unfortunate given how quickly I paid for the item on eBay. C'est la vie, right?

Despite a lack of internet connectivity, I've been having a good time with my games. As I mentioned, King Kong is a tad harder than I thought it would be! The game's difficulty makes some of the gameplay pretty tense. Imagine wading waist deep in cold water in a murky cave. You have a couple rounds of ammo for your pistol - not quite enough to make a difference. All of a sudden, you hear the sounds of scurrying insects followed by a few splashes in the water ahead. Somehow you know that you're no longer alone...

It's scenarios like that above that make the game hard to play for longer than an hour at a time. Even the parts of the game played as Kong can be difficult. Most of your time played as the big ape are spent tryign to keep Ann out of danger. Everyone knows how difficult "escort" missions can be in a game. It's unfortunate that there's little chance for Kong to really let go: Ann is always nearby and always in trouble! That being said, playing as Kong is still incredibly fun. There's nothing quite like jumping atop a V-Rex and ripping its jaw apart in a satisfying kill move!

As for Just Cause, I've found the missions to be quite challenging and interesting. Every mission seems to bring unexpected twists, turns, and goals that see me trying very hard to stay alive. Last night, for instance, I was forced to return to a set location after completing a mission. As I made my way back to this pre-determined spot, I was being chased by multiple vehicle-based and air-based enemies. At one point, I found myself caught between two helicopters raining down a combination of machine gun fire and missiles. Very tense yet very fun!

I may not have the chance to play anything tonight. It looks like I'll be busy babysitting while watching my Ottawa Senators get owned by the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Which reminds me...I wonder when I'll get the chance to play NHL 08...?