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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crowded Commute

Two achievements left to go! Just Cause's liberation missions are really starting to test my patience - but I will persevere and succeed. I'm so close to picking up all 1000 GamerPoint, I can't back down now.

Speaking of patience, I've had a hell of a time on my daily commute lately. Thanks to outrageously high gas prices ($1.20/litre, or $4.80/gallon for my U.S. readers), the number of commuters using public transportation has risen dramatically in the past couple weeks. I find myself standing on the bus more often than not. In theory, I don't mind standing. But the reality of the situation sees me forced to stare blankly out the window as we make the hour long drive back to my place.

In order to alleviate potential bus-time boredome, I've gone out and ordered myself some magazine subscriptions. I signed up with EGM earlier today for a 2 year period. At a cost of $62 total (Canadians always get nailed with the extra shipping costs), I'll be saving about $12 off the newsstand price per magazine. Not too shabby!

I'm also going to subsribe with Game Informer. I tried to get signed up all morning with no real success. I was given a long distance number that I could call; however, I can't make personal long distance calls during regular business hours. I'm hoping that Game Informer is better able to serve my needs via their response to an e-mail I sent to their Customer Service department.

Besides a whole lot of awesome gaming magazines coming straight to my doorstep, I'm still in crazy, game-buying mode. I've got two outstanding bids on eBay. The first is for a copy of Crackdown. I traded this game into Blockbuster well before I'd had the chance to fully satiate my appetite for wanton destruction in the ultimate sandbox world. If I can get my hands on Crackdown again, I'd like to tackle the races, find all the hidden orbs, and play the game through on co-op with a friend.

I'm also bidding on a lot of 9 games, including such favourites as Gears of War, Oblivion, and Viva Pinata. I'd like to play about five of the nine games offered and I'll likely sell the rest on eBay. I know that I've got a copy of Gears at home right now but I'd much rather own a copy. And if I happen to win this auction (quite unlikely given the amount of great games up for grabs), I'll be able to play online with friends to tackle the cooperative-related achievements.

As for Just Cause, I'm getting there. Two more achievements to go - but they are doozies! I've liberated 16 provinces in the game and have another 18 to go. I've actually started to enjoy the challenge associated with liberating military bases and cities. I'll do my best to pass on tips and tricks in my upcoming posts. It's a shame that very few people still play this game. One of the downsides of buying used games is that I tend to be a year or two late to the party.

Once I've finished Just Cause, I may spend a little time with Assassin's Creed. A friend returned my borrowed copy today and I have a hankering for tracking down all the Templars in the game. There are also a lot of flags left to find in the game and I'm up to the challenge (I think). Why? I wish I had an answer that didn't involve suspicions of early onset dementia.

A couple more things before I go. Be sure to check out The -Minus World. It's a gaming site that seems to be a good mix of gaming news coupled with The Onion's writing style and funny headlines. Good stuff!

And lastly, have you pre-ordered your copy of GTA IV for your Xbox 360 or Playstation3? The greatest video game ever hits store shelves in five days!

That's it for me! Have a good one!


UPDATE: Just took a look at how difficult time consuming it would be to collect all of the flags in Assassin's Creed. I've decided to pass on those achievements in favour of playing some of my other unplayed games.

If you're interested, my copy of Assassin's Creed is up for bids on eBay until this coming Sunday!