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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dark Jedi, Saints, and Videos!

I don't have much time to write anything of substance. Things are a little busy today. I've got a video for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed after the jump. And I've got a few weird Saints Row 2 videos as well. Why are they weird? They all star Gary Busey for some reason.

Let's get to it!

Before I get to the videos, let me just mention that I managed to move my Xbox 360 from one room to another yet again. For those keeping score, this is the fifth such move for my little console. I played a little Just Cause last night but my achievements haven't been registered online. Until my network adapter arrives in the mail, I'll be stuck in offline mode.


A friend of mine, let's call him Dags, lent me his copy of Gears Of War. It's always bothered me that I finished the game and traded it away without giving it a little more time. And since I have so much free time on my hands (sarcasm), I figured I'd try to turn back the clock and right that wrong. You may be subjected to a little G.O.W. talk before GTA IV drops on the 29th.


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is easily my second most anticipated title of 2008 behind GTA IV. The only reservation I have about the game is that it is being developed for all consoles and portables. Although there are different developers for each of the game's many versions, I'm always worried that some last-gen thinking will dumb down my next-gen game.

But I will say that LucasArts has done one thing that will see me picking up this game on its release date: Darth Vader will be a playable character! Check out the video below if you don't believe me!


Saints Row was a great game. Not quite as good as the Grand Theft Auto but still innovative and fun. My only concerns with Saints Row 2 is that I fear they may be going down a "Jerry Springer"-type path. Do we really need more controversy? Why so many strippers? What's with the "taking a dump on your fallen enemies"? If THQ is trying to ensure that the more distinguished gamers or those gamers in relationships will pass on the game, they're doing a fine job.

As if to prove my point, here are three new videos for Saints Row 2. They've decided to use Gary Busey as a spokesman. 'Nuff said.


One last thing: check out some new Fallout 3 screens here.


I'm outta here! Have a good one.