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Friday, April 18, 2008

Everything you need to know about GTA IV

With the GTA IV hype machine now operating on all cylinders, I figured I'd follow suit.

And since GTA IV has officially gone gold and started shipping, let's not delay any further...

First off, have you registered over at Rockstar's Social Club? Why not take care of that now - I'll wait...

Both Kotaku and Joystiq have done an incredible job covering all the news and information surrounding Grand Theft Auto IV. And luckily for all of us, neither one of them is quite done. Check out Kotaku's GTA IV Compendium and FAQ. This compendium will answer any and all questions you may have involving the story, characters, single player game, or multi-player modes in the upcoming GTA IV.

If you're interested in a look back at the Grand Theft Auto series as a whole, go check out Joystiq's Grand Theft Auto Retrospective. This retrospective covers the earlier PC and PS1 GTA games all the way up to the upcoming GTA IV.

Feel like playing GTA or GTA 2? Download them both for free from Rockstar Games' Classics.

Ok - enough reading. Let's watch some movies! Here are the four trailers that have been released for GTA IV:

Debut Trailer

Looking For That Special Someone

Move Up, Ladies

Everyone's A Rat

Of course, no other form of media hypes games quite as much as television. Here's a UK TV spot for GTA IV:

GTA IV looks pretty good, doesn't it? And let's not forget that it received a perfect score from EGM in their upcoming issue.

Personally, GTA: Vice City is my current favourite of all the GTA games and my favourite game of all time. The question is: will I have a new favourite come April 29? Pre-order your copy of GTA IV to find out for yourself!


Bonus: GTA: Vice City TV Spot!


Have a great weekend everyone!


Mike said...

GTA and GTA2 for FREE? You just said the magic word!

I've got a local reservation myself for GTA, but I'm getting a standard copy (I don't know if it has a special one anyway). My extra cash is tucked away for MGS4's special edition.

Klopzi said...

Mike -

I ended up just getting the regular copy as well. My wife urged me to get the special edition. But even she had problems coming for any uses that I might have for a lockbox or a Rockstar gym bag.