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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gears of War: Big Bosses and Tough Battles

I'll admit it: when I bought Gears of War, I only did so because of the cool TV spot featuring Mad World by Gary Jules (click here). Although I was disappointed that the song does not appear in the game, I was overjoyed with my purchase. Gears of War is an intense, frightening, and graphically stunning third-person shooter that redefined everyone's expectations from present and future games.

After foolishly selling my barely used copy of Gears of War a scant two days after completing the single player campaign on Normal difficulty, I'm now ready to give the game another go. This time I'll be tackling the Hard difficulty. And though I look forward to playing the game on co-op mode with a friend, I'm interested to see how well I'll do in the single player game.

Although I found Gears quite difficult my first time through, I'll be better prepared playing the game on Hardcore. To this end, I've gathered up five excellent walkthrough videos created by the fine folks at next gen walkthroughs.com (a fantastic site that should be visited repeatedly by all my readers!). The five videos below each tackle a boss battle or a tricky spot that I found difficult or interesting on my first play-through of Gears of War.

I should mention right now that these videos contain potential spoilers. If you care about that type of thing, I'd recommend finishing the game on Normal difficulty and then returning when you're ready to tackle Hardcore or Insane difficulty.

Video 1: First encounter with a Berserker
Watching this video, I'm reminded of how terrifying I found the Berserkers in Gears of War. They're big, they're scary, and they'll literally rip you apart in the blink of an eye if you're not careful.

Video 2: The Corpser
I never found the Corpser battle difficult. But it's still an impressive fight and a great boss battle. This video will show you how to get the job done in record time.

Video 3: More Berserkers?!
Even though I'd already faced off against a Berserker earlier in the game, I was still horrified to learn that I had another Berserker standing in my path to victory. Of course, this fight contains a pretty big jump scare when the Berserker smashes through a wall directly in front of Marcus.

Video 4: Entrenched Mission (End of Act IV)
If you've played Gears of War, you'll know just how frustratingly difficult it can be to finish off Act IV. The last mission, Entrenched, is brutally difficult and next to impossible to complete on your first try. Even when you know the proper strategy, it's still damned hard to survive.

Video 5: General RAAM
I finished off this last fight of the game with the help of a friend in co-op mode on Normal difficulty. General RAAM is tough! This boss fight definitely ranks as one of the toughest I've ever had the pleasure of playing. But the tougher the boss fight, the greater the sense of reward as you watch the final game's cut-scene and end credits.

Watching these videos has instilled me with quite a bit of confidence. I think finishing Gears of War on Hardcore difficulty all by myself will probably be one of the greatest video game challenges I've ever faced.

Enough talk. It's time to pick a fight with some grubs!


Bonus Video: Mad World TV Spot


Mike said...

Thanks for the tip on Video Walkthroughs, Klopzi. It can be a chore reading badly-written guides so videos are the way to go.

Glad you're enjoying Gears. It's a must have for shooter fans! I'm still enjoying mine, but I had to wait for an update to finally have my PC version working.

Klopzi said...

Mike -

Yea, I find the video walkthroughs are quite good at helping me learn how to work my way through some tricky sections of a game.

NextGenWalkthroughs is a great site for these videos.