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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GTA IV: The Wait Is Over?

I've got my copy of Grand Theft Auto IV in hand. It's sitting here on my desk still in its shrink-wrap. And there it will stay until roughly 10 PM tonight. I thought that waiting until April 29, 2008 was hard. I was wrong. The next 11 hours will be excruciating...

By now, you've all read the glowing reviews of GTA IV. If the reviews are to be believed, GTA IV is the best game every created. I can't wait to get in there and start exploring Liberty City. I've finally taken a look at the Xbox 360 achievements list. There are a number of achievements that I'd like to clear while simply exploring the city and getting to know Niko's environment.

My only concerns at this point surround the possible amounts of sexuality or sexually-themed elements in the game. As a married man, it's quite hard to justify mingling with half-naked strippers and prostitutes. This is doubly true in Liberty City where the lines between game and reality can seem blurred due to the life-like gameplay and characters. I really hope that Rockstar knew that the average gamer's is thirty-three years old and most likely married. I hope that there are alternate, non-sexual paths through the game. I'd even settle for a "bikini filter" à la Showgirls on TBS. I'd hate to not play this game simply because Dan Houser felt it necessary to shove a couple virtual double-Ds in my face at every opportunity. I can handle a couple risqué scenes as long as they're balanced by some great gameplay and good dialogue.

In any case, I'm looking forward to playing my copy of GTA IV this evening. In the meantime, I hope everyone is enjoying their own copies of GTA IV. Please feel free to stop by and leave me a comment should you run into any "adult" situations that take place through the normal course of the game (i.e. without voluntarily getting private dances or picking up prostitutes). I'm not looking for spoilers - just a little heads-up.

I'll be back tomorrow with my first impressions of GTA IV.