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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Games!

I didnt' get a chance to fire up my Xbox 360 last night. But I did get the chance to spend some extra time with my oldest son and my wife, so I'm not upset in the slightest. Continuing with my recent trend of buying up every game under the sun, I made a couple discount purchases at my local Wal-mart.

Read about my recent purchases after the jump, as well as some Just Cause thrown in for good measure!

So I found myself a couple bargain titles at Wal-mart. Usually the discount titles are crap. I think I found some good ones this time around.

First, I picked up a copy of Stuntman: Ignition. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the previous Stuntman titles, Ignition received some pretty good reviews. With a new publisher and developer this time around, I figured that I'd be hard-pressed to find better ways to spend $20. I've included a trailer for Stuntman: Ignition below.

I also picked up a copy of Call of Juarez. I enjoyed Activision's Gun so I figured I'd dip back into the Wild West for just the third time in my video game career (Rockstar's Red Dead Revolver is the other cowboy-themed game I've played). Although Call of Juarez sounds pretty run-of-the-mill, I've heard enough good things about the game to justify a $18.93 price tag! I've included the trailer and video review of Call of Juarez below.

With three brand new games purchased in the last four days, you'd think I'd be hard-pressed to decide which game to play. Alas, I'm hooked on Just Cause at the moment. When I last played on Sunday night, I was quickly working my way through all the Collect missions. I should be able to finish those up tonight.

I should also have time to pick up "Base Jump 1000 Meters" achievement. Just in case you're wondering how to pick up that achievement yourself, check out the following video:

Well, I've got a lot of games to keep me busy now! I won't be posting tomorrow and will instead spend some extra time playing games. But I'll be back on Thursday with a slew of achievements cleared in Just Cause and my first impressions of both Stuntman: Ignition and Call of Juarez.

Have a good one!


If you'd like to pick up cheap copies of Call of Juarez or Stuntman: Ignition, look no further than Amazon.com: