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Friday, April 4, 2008

Video Time: Mercenaries 2 and GTA IV

Have you guys (and gals) seen the new Mercenaries 2 trailer? Have you seen the cool GameStop GTA IV ad? I've got both of 'em after the jump!

I remember picking up a copy of Mercenaries for my Xbox after playing it at a friend's place a few years ago. The game itself was pretty impressive. Graphics and sound were all at par with last-gen's norms. Gameplay was fun, though quite difficult and annoying at times. And like many sandbox games, the missions and gameplay got pretty repetitive. My biggest beef was the little "random" skirmishes that could occur any time as you drove about the map.

While I don't know where Mercenaries 2 sits gameplay-wise, I can say that the game looks quite good. There appears to be more emphasis on the story this time around. That'd be good since the original Mercenaries game lacked an intriguing plot. Instead, you were simply relegated to taking out 52 (one per playing card in a standard deck of cards) bad guys in any way possible. I'll admit that I never got past the first 26 guys before losing interest in the game.

But I doubt I'll get bored playing Mercenaries 2 judging by the new trailer below!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here's the new GameStop GTA IV ad. 25 days and counting...