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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Achievements Unlocked: Call of Duty 4

I finished off Call of Duty 4 last night. I think "Wow" accurately describes what I think about the single player campaign. For a first-person shooter, the game does a really good job of keeping you invested in the story. Call me a wuss, but I was actually a little saddened by the ending. I guess that's war for you...

I made my way through the entire game on Normal difficulty. I'm not crazy good at FPS games and wasn't looking to really push myself that hard. I'm pretty sure that I could finish the game on Veteran difficulty having finished the game once. I actually went back and finished off the first two missions on Veteran. I picked up a couple achievements for my efforts: The Package (40 GamerPoint) and The Rescue (40 GamerPoint). I tried to finish "Charlie Don't Surf" on Veteran but got repeatedly pwned in the TV station. Man, that was hard! Judging by the video below, my strategy for clearing the production room was sound; I just got a bit unlucky. Check out the insanity in the video below:

Let's take a look at some of the achievements that I picked up. I'll exclude the story-based achievements since they're awarded as you make your way through the game. I will include some videos from NextGenWalkthroughs.com to show you how the pros cleared some of the achievements discussed below.

Three of a Kind [10 GamerPoint]: Kill 3 enemies in a row with your knife

I picked this up in the first "live" mission called "Crew Expendable". After taking out the three crew members on the bridge of the cargo ship, I made my way below deck. In the first hallway, there is a drunk crew member stumbling about. I ran up to drunkie and quickly stabbed him before any other team members were able to take him out. From there, I made a quick right into a room with two more crew members asleep in their bunks. A couple quick stabs and the achievement was mine. For what it's worth, it took me a quite a few tries to finally pull this off. Your SAS buddies are pretty quick with their guns so it can be hard to stab the drunk before he's taken down by hot lead.

Video below matches how I cleared Three of a Kind on the "Crew Expendable" mission.

Daredevil [10 GamerPoint]: Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang

I picked up this achievement on the "Crew Expendable" mission as well. I restarted the level and made my way back down to the room with the two sleeping crew members. I then dropped a flashbang at my feet, waited for the flashbang to explode, and then started shooting like a madman while blinded. This achievement is dead-easy to clear.

Video below shows the players earning the Daredevil achievement during the "Hunted" mission.

Your Show Sucks [20 GamerPoint]: Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech

In the "Charlie Don't Surf" mission, there are TVs scattered all over the place broadcasting Al-Asad's latest speech. There's no trick to this one: simply find the TVs and shoot them. Here's a full list (see section 7 of the guide) of all the TV locations scattered through the mission. If you're more into watching than reading, watch the clip below to see where all the TVs can be found.

Video below shows the locations of all TVs in the "Charlie Don't Surf" mission.

Four of a Kind [20 GamerPoint]: Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots

I got this achievement on "The Bog" mission. Right at the beginning of the level, I was presented with the opportunity to take out four enemy soldiers with headshots. I also think this achievement would be quite easy to clear on any of the following missions using the sniper rifle: "Blackout", "All Ghillied Up", or "One Shot, One Kill".

Rescue Roycewicz [20 GamerPoint]: Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs

The opportunity to pick up this achievement presented itself shortly after I picked up the Four of a Kind achievement. I was sent to scout out the second floor of a building with Pvt. Roycewicz. On our way up the stairs, some nameless bad guy attacked Roycewicz with a knife. I shot the attacker, saved Roycewicz, and tacked another 20GamerPoint onto my gamerscore.

No Rest for the Weary [10 GamerPoint]: Stab an injured crawling enemy

I cleared this achievement on "The Bog" mission. I was replaying the mission looking for a missed piece of Intel. During my search, an enemy jumped out and surprised me. I shot him in the leg and then stabbed him to finish him off. I should say that this achievement should not be difficult to pick up at all. There will be numerous times where you'll find yourself face to boot with a downed enemy trying to crawl to safety.

Man of the People [10 GamerPoint]: Save the farmer

At the beginning of the "Hunted" mission, there was a farmer being harrassed by some soldiers. Once Captain Price gave the order, we shot up all the soldiers. The farmer ran off to hide in a building and I picked up an achievement.

Video below matches how I cleared Man of the People on the "Hunted" mission.

Down Boy Down [20 GamerPoint]: Survive a dog attack

I was attacked by dogs a whole lot in CoD 4. I picked up this achievement on the "Hunted" mission. But there are dogs on many other missions including "All Ghillied Up" and "One Shot, One Kill". The trick to surviving a dog attack is to let the dog jump on you. Just before the dog grabs you by the neck, you'll be given a split-second to use your melee attack. Perform your attack in time and you'll see your hands reach out, grab the dog's head, and violently snap its neck. Rin-tin-tin's loss of life was my gain to the tune of 20 GamerPoint!

Straight Flush [20 GamerPoint]: Kill 5 enemies with one shot while in the AC-130 gunship

On the "Death From Above" mission, I found myself in charge of the AC-130's 25mm, 40mm, and 103mm guns. How hard is it to take out five enemies on the ground with the AC-130's 103mm gun? Not hard at all. Simply find five enemies and fire anywhere in their general vicinity. Boom!

Video below matches how I cleared Straight Flush on the "Death From Above" mission.

Roadkill [10 GamerPoint]: Kill 2 enemies by blowing up a car

I picked up this achievement on my second playthrough of the "Death From Above" mission. All I did was arm the 25mm cannon. I then scanned all enemy ground forces until I found any groups of enemies hiding behind or running past ground vehicles. A few rounds into any car was enough to reduce it to a fiery wreck. And any enemies caught in the blast were instantly killed. I will admit that this achievement took me a few tries. At first, I was using the 40mm cannon. Unfortunately, the enemy soldiers were being killed by the 40mm round and not by the exploding vehicles. I'm pretty sure that blowing up a vehicle with two enemies riding inside would also count towards clearing the Roadkill achievement but I'm only speculating here.

Bird on the Ground [20 GamerPoint]: Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an RPG

On the "War Pig" mission, you'll be given the opportunity to shoot down a chopper with an RPG. The RPG is located on the enemy-infested side of a bus in the middle of the starting battlefield. Good luck!

Video below matches how I cleared Bird on the Ground on the "War Pig" mission.

Look Sharp [20 GamerPoint]: Find 15 enemy intel items

See the description for Eyes and Ears below.

Eyes and Ears [20 GamerPoint]: Find 30 enemy intel items

This achievement is your typical "hidden package" side-mission. There are 30 enemy intel items scattered throughout most of the missions in CoD 4. These hidden packages take the form of laptop computers. For a full list of enemy intels, take a look at section 6 of this guide. Not in the "reading" mood? Check out the Intel Guide section on this page. I would like to say that the second intel on the "One Shot, One Kill" mission would have been impossible to find were it not for the fine videos at NextGenWalkthroughs.com.

New Squadron Record [20 GamerPoint]: Complete the cargo ship mockup in less than 20 seconds

I didn't think that I was going to clear this achievement. It was just after midnight. Though I was pumped from finishing off the single player campaign in CoD 4, I was also pretty tired. Clearing the FNG course in under twenty seconds is hard. I believe my best time was around 19.85 seconds. I've heard you can get much lower times using a glitch in the game but what's the point? Anyone should be able to clear the course in under 20 seconds with a little practice. If you're really having trouble picking up the New Squadron Record achievement, just watch the video below to see how it's done.

If you haven't played Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, you are missing out. The single player campaign is great! And though I never tried the multiplayer, I've heard that it's the best multiplayer experience to date! Click here to buy yourself a copy of CoD 4 today.


Anonymous said...

I should have all achivements because ive got everything including all the Intels but haven't got look sharp as when I got 15 intels I had Ragtime Warfare on. Do you know of any way of sorting this out besides restarting my game again?

Klopzi said...

Unfortunately, using any of the cheats, Ragtime Warfare included, disables achievements. Any intels that you found with this mode activated were probably not counted towards your total intels.

You should get the achievement by going back through any missions that you played on Ragtime Warfare and re-finding all the Intels.

Give that a shot. If that doesn't work (though I don't see why it wouldn't), it looks like you'll have to start a new game.

Thankfully, COD 4 is a great game and worth replaying!